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How much should I pay 14 year old Mum's help?

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potentialJP Thu 16-Jul-09 17:09:42

My friend's daughter is coming round to watch my two primary school age children whilst I work upsatairs in the office.

I want to pay her an hourly rate but have no idea what the going rate. I want to be fair but don't want to pay a nanny's wage to a 14 year old when I am in the house!

Any ideas wise mums?

squirrel42 Thu 16-Jul-09 17:24:10

I'd look at what a 14 year old would get from other sorts of jobs. The minimum wage for 16-18 year olds is £3.53 per hour, so I'd imagine a 14 year old sweeping up in a hairdressers etc would probably get around £3 per hour.

pickupthismess Thu 16-Jul-09 17:25:42

We pay £3.50 for a 14 year old MH here.

eastmidlandsnightnanny Thu 16-Jul-09 18:35:46

I run babysitting course for 13yr olds plus and we suggest to them on completion of the course we run depending on any other babysitting experience they have then 13-14yrs old £2.50-£3.50, 15-16yrs £3.50-£4.50 an hr, we are in east midlands if that helps.

hope that helps.

Maybe if she is doing say 3hrs give her £10.

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