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considering packing it in, not sure i can cope with all of this.

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leonifay Thu 16-Jul-09 15:33:52

i'm moving house on saturday and i think the stress is getting to me, i'm extreemly (sp?) hormonal and dont know whyi've started bleading heavly nad my af isnt due untill next week. i've now convinced myself i'm having another mc and to top it off internally i'm blaming the kids (we went on a walk and i pushed a really heavy double pushchair up a quite steep hill and the bleading and bad cramping started not long after that.

i've got 2 children finishing with me tommorow and i dont have their folders upto date and ready to hand over. i'm not sleeping at night because i'm stressing about finishing theese folders, starting up all over again and not working, we cant afford for me not to be working so i'm also having nightmares about finding another job, if anyone will take me on and what job i'm looking for, its probably going to have to be retail because i dont have any proper formal qulifications and i hate retail with a passion. i'm am so tired i was falling asleep whilst cming today (children have gone home now) now i'm sat here wollowing thinkg what a crappy cm i am, and how can i continue.

add all that to the EYFS stuff i'm really struggling to understand (i thought i had the hang of it but then i was inspected) i love cming but i just cant do it anymore.

this is the first time i've put most of this into words and i'm not sure that much of it makes sence, but if you've got this far please give me a kick up the backside and tell me to get on with it.

leonifay Thu 16-Jul-09 15:35:49

wow, i've just read all that through. i'm very sorry. i'm off to find a stiff drink and something to eat. as i also havent eaten today!

WriggleJiggle Thu 16-Jul-09 16:18:49

No wonder you're struggling to keep up with things if you're moving on Saturday. I wouldn't be able to work the week before moving.

Are you sure the stress isn't to do with the house move rather than the cm?

smallblessings Thu 16-Jul-09 16:30:03

(((((Hugs)))) I'm sure you are not a bad childminder at all. You just sound very stressed. Does it really matter if the folders are ready or not, can't you send them on?

Prioritise what actually has to be done and get on with that - forget everything else for now.

Do you need to get checked out physically? Take care of yourself.

Can you do something about getting some qualifiactions - long term? Then if you decide to give up CM - you have more potions.

Good luck with everything. smile

smallblessings Thu 16-Jul-09 16:30:47

potions ? hmm options

thebody Thu 16-Jul-09 18:11:48

moving house is VILE and so stressful. You have probably been packing for weeks and you are completely knackered..
Fuck the files, they arnt important really are they..

Wait until you are settled in the new house and give yourself a few weeks and then think again.

E.Y.F.S is total shite I agree.. were you found to be satisfactory in your report, if so well dont to you, and dont worry, thats fine.. bet the parents and the children loved you for you and not some form filling risk assessment expert twat.

You say you cant afford not to work but surely you can afford a few weeks rest and rethink time.. dont let the buggers get you down... take care and be good to yourselfx

leonifay Thu 16-Jul-09 20:06:44

thanks all.
yes, we can afford it for a few weeks while i think about it.

i dont think the situation is made any easier by me doing everything for the move, phoning insurance companies, water boards, tv licence, gas elec etc and then phoning ofsted, chasing up certificates. its all making me want to scream. all because my dh has the attitude, "well your home all day, cant you do it?" half the house isnt even packed up yet, because i'm still cming untill tomorrow, i cant pack half the things i want to!

its not even a simple stright forward mopve, were moving from birmingham to gloucestershire, so i've had to speak to local councils to sort out cming. i think this is all why im so fed up of the whole thing!

theoriginalmummypoppins Thu 16-Jul-09 21:48:07

LF. take some time out once you have moved to get yourself straight. It is one of the most stressful things you do.

I think I saw on another thread that were moving to Tewkesbury. I am 6 miles away if you want a mumsnet face in the area.

I work full time and have a nanny but I have weekends and evenings if you need some support.

Have you considered nannying. Lots of wealthy families in the cotswolds that need part time help. Could be just as profitable and a lot less stress

Take care


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