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Tips for finding a good childminder

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JMacD Thu 16-Jul-09 15:22:49

hello. I'm soon to move out of London to Maidenhead and need to find a good childminder to look after my baby, who will be 8 months by then. I've had a look through the traditional channels, but was thinking about perhaps spending some time at one or two toddler groups, in the hope of meeting some good childminders. Does anyone know of any good groups in the Furze Platt area of Maidenhead? Any tips on finding a good childminder gratefully received - never done this before and feeling somewhat daunted. Thanks very much!

thebody Thu 16-Jul-09 17:58:56

sorry I dont know your area but I am a childminder and a mum so if I was looking for a cm this is what I would do..

First make sure she is Ofsted approved and so that means all the insurance and C.R.B. checks will have been done.

secondly I would go on reccommendation, if shes good then people will be willing to tell you so.

thirdly I think your idea of spending time in a toddler group is spot on.. you can see then exactly how the cm interacts with the mindees, is she warm? is she friendly? do the kids go up for a cuddle and seem happy with her? is safety important to her?

I was in the supermarket today with my 3 mindees and an old lady stopped me to say how nice it was to see a happy mum and kids having lots of fun... not to blow trumpet here but that made my day..

good luck and you will find the right person.. lots out there..

JMacD Fri 17-Jul-09 10:31:19

Thanks, thebody! Sound advice. You sound like exactly the sort of woman I need to meet when I move.

Ripeberry Fri 17-Jul-09 10:37:36

Hi, i'm a childminder and although i don't have any mindees until September i do help out at local childminding groups and even i check out the other CMs to see which ones are attentive.
Your best bet is to attend your local Mother and Baby group that is linked in with a childminding group as sometimes they mix, so you will find a larger proportion of CMs in the group.
Good luck with your search smile

GBR Fri 17-Jul-09 12:26:12

Hi JMacD - have a look at - the local council website for the area, their Family Information Service is most helpful. If you give them a ring they can probably give you even more info.

Will you be working in Maidenhead as well as living there?

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