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Help CM can't decide whether to give up.

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orangegerbera Wed 15-Jul-09 21:44:01

Hi not been on for ages but wanted advice/kick up backside. Little ones I mind will start full time education soon so would be good time to quit. Really love doing what I'm doing but apart from introductory training have done NOTHING to do with EYFS since it started. Other paper work falling behind except daily diaries which I always do. Constantly worry about it but refuse to spend weekends and evenings doing this when my family share me and their home 40 or more hours a week already. Feel like terrible childminder when I have happy mindees who have been with me ages and parents who constantly tell me how grateful they are to have me. What to do???

2anddone Wed 15-Jul-09 22:01:38

Can't really give advice as I am in the same boat am really tempted to give up, haven't done anything to do with EYFS got graded outstanding 3 years ago and know I will prob get unsatisfactory this time all because of paperwork not actual childcare. Just wanted to say I understand and when you work out what you wan to do can you give me the answer to please grin

2anddone Wed 15-Jul-09 22:02:26

PS we are not terrible childminders we just do this job because we love the kids not the actual paperwork. If I wanted to do this much I would have gone to an office job!

TheIronLady Thu 16-Jul-09 00:05:15

I too sympathise. I too am in the same boat; I was ready to give up last September, tried to get back to office work but not successful (been out of the office for five years). I am seriously behind with paperwork and like you absolutely will not use my weekends any longer to do paperwork relating to the EYFS, I have a busy life outside of childminding & am beginning to loathe what I do (paperwork that is), I feel my life is consumed with the EYFS, I really do. I have an inspection looming and have decided, what will be, will be. If I am graded unsatisfactory, then so be it. By the way I know that I am a fab childminder & that is what the parents of my mindees think, that is good enough for me.

underpaidandoverworked Thu 16-Jul-09 19:48:22

U know what, eyfs is crushing all of the bloody good cms out there! We went into this profession because we want to work with children , not because we want to fill in loads of forms - all in our own time!

As a cm who is now leaving the profession for better hours, better money and the sanity that comes with it I would say continue to do what you do, bugger Ofsted - you have happy children and happy parents.

However, YOU have to be happy too - do what is right for you and your family! That´s why i decided to break away, because my time with dp and dcs was being seriously compromised - I spent more time on paperwork than working.

Whatever you decide, good luck (from Spain....sad again!!!)

orangegerbera Fri 17-Jul-09 13:24:34

Thanks for the kind words. Had an email from local bor council asking us to complete a questionnaire re EYFS. Unfortunately they said it takes 30 MINS to complete! Why so long? Also doesn't say at the start if it's anonymous so I could give an honest opinion wink.
Still undecided but feeling more positive to know not alone.

TheIronLady Sat 18-Jul-09 10:31:23

You are far from alone orangegerbera, I am sure of that, I have looked through other childminding forums and many childminders are finding it extremely difficult to cope with the paperwork that we are required to do relating to EYFS. Is it a fact that it takes approx 12 - 15 hours to complete the SEF? OMG just where am I going to find those hours.

30 mins to complete questionnaire shock. Don't know if we will get one from our Council.

I have been on computer since 08.30 this morning, I promised myself I would not do paperwork at the weekends but am so behind. How can something like this be put upon us when we really cannot do what is required during working hours. Well I shall just plod on...

thebody Sat 18-Jul-09 14:36:57

totally agree with all the postings.. I do all the relevant paperwork but am simply not going to do the online SEF. I just dont have the time...

What will happen of course is that lots of CMS will simply go off the radar and become unregistered so putting children at potential risk..

My parents all agree that the paperwork I have to do is ludicrous..

I used to be a nursing sister and the same thing happened in hospitals, suddenly we were bombarded with form filling and targets and somehow the patients needs got lost.. hence filthy wards and infections.. bloody stupid..

laurz75 Sat 18-Jul-09 14:45:25

My lovely childminder has just given up for the exact reasons you say sad. EYFS is fine in bigger settings (nurseries, schools etc.) but it's just too much for an individual childminder.

thebody Sat 18-Jul-09 15:34:34

totally agree laurz, I mean I dont really feel qualified enough to track childrens 'learning journeys' and make professional judgements about their progress. I am not a teacher..all far far too much.

play has become mechanised and playing with bricks is now 'developing motor skills' splashing in muddy puddles is now 'introducing children to different surfaces and promotes an understanding of science'

where the bloody hell is the FUN..

Ripeberry Sun 19-Jul-09 21:17:37

That's the reason for the EYFS. They want all CMs to be at least NVQ3 in the next few years. They basically want to turn private homes into mini nurseries with a 'home'theme.
I've gone into CM with my eyes wide open, i looked into it when my children were small and i've got registered so that both my girls will be in full time school and i can concentrate on my mindees.
Don't know how CMs with babies of their own manage...hats off to you smile

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