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Swine flu in my dd's class-should I tell my parents mindee ?

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I'm really worried about it, what should I do ? Should I warn them ? Should I keep it quiet? I'm looking after toddlers, and one of the mum is pregnant. What is the best way to do ?

nannynick Tue 14-Jul-09 19:02:56

No, don't tell them at this stage. There is no need to inform parents of a slight risk - as there is a slight risk of getting swine flu just by walking along a street.

Manchesvertes Tue 14-Jul-09 19:03:51

Yes, of course tell them. They have the right to know as much as you yourself know, where something like this is concerned.

atworknotworking Tue 14-Jul-09 19:18:09

I would tell them just as I would expect them to tell me if they had been in contact with someone who had it. Then decide together on the risk factors.

gizzy1973 Tue 14-Jul-09 19:54:11

I would tell them especially as one of the mums is pregnant and that is a high risk group at the moment

Yes, children and pregnant women are high risk. I would want to know if anyone I had been in contact with had been in contact with.....

Manchesvertes Tue 14-Jul-09 19:57:09

am surprised at you nannynick. You've always come across as highly professional and conscientious in the past.


well I told all my parents, hopefully we'll be all alright, thank you very much all for your advices ! x

nannynick Tue 14-Jul-09 20:53:01

What is to be gained by telling someone?
The parents using the setting have not come into contact with someone with the infection.
If the parents are told what will they do?
Everyone should already be on the lookout for the symptoms.
As yet I cannot locate any guidance from HPA with regard to this situation.

nannynick Tue 14-Jul-09 20:58:00

x-posted. Was responding to Manchesvertes more than anyone else.

shoshe Tue 14-Jul-09 21:08:16

Nick this has a bit just for CM's if you scroll down, you can download the infection Control for CM's

I have issued one with my policy to each family.

nannynick Tue 14-Jul-09 21:20:21

shoshe - when I wrote that I could not find the guidance, I meant guidance about notifying service users in the event of a child having been in contact with someone who has confirmed H1N1.

Main info for childcare providers about Flu Pandemic is at TeacherNet. Info there was last updated today (14 July).

Wonderstuff Tue 14-Jul-09 21:22:20

Ordinary flu kills 3-4000 people in the UK each year, swine flu has killed one person who didn't have underlying health problems. We had a case confirmed in our school today, phone was ringing all day and kids were talking of nothing else, lets get some perspective.

RosieGirl Wed 15-Jul-09 16:44:48

I have had a letter from my daughters school today informing us that it is in the school community, (not surprising)I have written to the parents today (along with other summer holiday information) informing them of the situation, clearly stating they should keep their children away if ill, otherwise I may have to close should me or my own children become infected, causing disruption to many other families (many parents don't think twice about our own families), otherwise its business as usual, I will not charge if I am unable to work but will charge for their own. Its only backing up my other policies on sickness.

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