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Help - can anyone help 6 breakfast times a month (1.5 hrs) (Chandlers Ford)

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cogsmum Mon 13-Jul-09 22:03:46


I am looking for someone to help me 6 mornings a month, I have 4 children 4,6,8,11 and I just need a responsible adult to cover the 1.5 hours from my partner leaving for work at 6.30am to me getting back off my night shift (i am a nurse)at 8am.

The kids will pretty much get themselves up and dressed and get breakfast. I am more than happy if you have a teeny you need to bring with you too.

I would need the help 1 morning 1 week then 2 morning the following week etc etc..

So, some spending money (£60/month) and free breakfast and as much sponge bob as you can handle.

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