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specimen nanny job description anyone?

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mrsbaldwin Sun 12-Jul-09 13:08:53

Wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a specimen nanny job description? After a surf about here and on the interweb generally I can''t seem to immediately find one.

I've found and borrowed the Nannyjob model contract ('thou shalt be paid £x/hr and get x days holiday') but want to write a short job description ('your job is to keep the baby safe and happy, take him to the park once a day, follow baby's existing routine, assist with weaning etc') because I'm temporarily (for a couple of months) going to use someone who hasn't been to nanny training school and I want something on paper in the hope of avoiding misunderstandings later.

(BTW I'll be looking for a 'proper' nanny a bit later in the year, potentially - and when that moment arrives I'll post on here to see if anyone is interested )

nannynz Sun 12-Jul-09 21:46:01

Nanny agrees to be responsible for the following :

All planned activities promoting physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development, maintaining all supplies and making sure toys are kept in good working order, keeping supply/grocery lists for the children/family, preparing nutritious meals and snacks for the children, working in partnership with parents on discipline and child rearing issues, maintaining a cheerful and helpful attitude while on duty, promoting feelings of security and happiness in the children at all times, maintaining detailed daily log sheets of the children’s day to promote good communication about each day, and working hand in hand with the parents to research and stay current on different solutions and ideas that may arise in all areas of a child‘s life.
In addition-
(Circle all that apply):

Children’s Beds: make/wash/dry
Children’s bedroom(s) tidied
Meals for children: breakfast/lunch/supper
Supper meal for Family: Prep/Cook
General Tidying of House
Children’s Dishes
Unloading/Loading dishwasher as needed
Meal planning
Grocery Shopping: Children’s/Family
Vacuuming Children's Areas (specify):
Dusting Children's Areas (specify):
Tidying Children’s bathrooms
Tidying Main Bathroom (one that nanny & children use)
Children’s laundry: wash/dry/fold/iron
Driving: children’s activities and appointments
Errands: Children’s/Family
Removing Trash (specify):
Arranging children’s doctor/dental/haircut appointments
Pet Care (specify):
Be on call for home repair/remodel people during working hours

From , Hope it helps.

mrsbaldwin Sun 12-Jul-09 22:15:45

Aha!! Thx v much NannyNZ!

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