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Freelancing and childcare - how do you do it?

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charleyfarleycat Sun 12-Jul-09 07:57:23

I need to do some freelance work in the autumn so I'm after a nanny who can be flexible? Does this sort of childcare exist?! How do other freelancers do it? I don't have the luxury of family nearby so I do need independent care for my 2 children.
I'm trying to work out if I just fork out for a nanny 2 days a week, whether I work or not and hope that my freelance work can fall on those days and cover the days that I have a nanny and don't work IYSWIM.

nannynick Sun 12-Jul-09 08:20:29

Most nannies I feel will be wanting a regular income and therefore won't be happy to work on an as-and-when-required basis. Two set days per week could work but you would need to arrange your freelance work such that it occurred on those days.

You may get lucky and find a local SAHP (stay at home parent) who wants occasional work. They may have young children themselves so that may be a disadvantage depending on your view.

charleyfarleycat Sun 12-Jul-09 09:10:41

I guess I need to find some sort of nanny share with another mother who is flexible on the days she works, perhaps she works from home or something, so that my 2-3 days don't necessarily fall on the same days per week. Don't want much do I?!!

mrsbaldwin Sun 12-Jul-09 12:51:36

There's such a thing as nannies who do temping, I've discovered - WickedWitchofWestfield who posts on this Topic is one (she'd better correct me if I'm wrong). But you have to book her in advance eg she fills up her diary ahead of time. You might be able to book someone like this for two set days/week for three months, say, and then if that nanny didn't have other work I guess she might be flexible but it's as NannyNick says, most people (understandably) want regular income.

The other thing is to go to a nanny agency - they may have a couple of nannies on their books who could job share you on different days eg if you wanted care on a Thursday Mrs X could do it, and on a Friday Mrs Y could do it. But using an agency will put the costs up as they'll take either a percentage or a finders fee.

littlestarschildminding Sun 12-Jul-09 18:47:43

childminders will sometimes do ad hoc days...I often don't want to fill all my spaces full time but am happy to do some ad hoc work as it comes up...would depend on the age of your children though whether it would work with a cms ratios.

A nanny who is now a mum may be happy to do some days for you. When my ds's were younger I did nannying for a few months maternity cover for a lady who was going back to work after her maternity leave but was pregnant with her second baby (I took my children to work with me).

There are ways round it you just have to be flexible

charleyfarleycat Mon 13-Jul-09 19:16:53

Thanks for your advice. It's very difficult because I'd obviously like the same person to be caring for the children if possible, but as you rightly say, most people want a regular income. I will put some posts on gumtree and nannyjob and see what happens.

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