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How can I find a nanny for one day in September to help with my children at a wedding?

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allaboutme Fri 10-Jul-09 21:45:00

Does anyone know how I would go about finding out about this kind of service?

SIL's wedding is beginning September in Suffolk. DH and I are both members of the wedding party and all our babysitters will also be there as guests.
We will need someone to be on hand to take out DC if they are noisy in the ceremony and to help watch them at the reception, keep quiet during speeches etc.
Plus evening meal for family is at 8pm and no kids so will need nanny to take them up to bed (in same venue) and stay there till later on in the evening to listen for them.

Does this type of service exist? Does anyone know someone they can recommend or point me in the right direction? and how much do you think I am looking at paying???

Thanks in advance!

bigchris Fri 10-Jul-09 21:47:26

for the ceremony can't you take them out if they are noisy?
that sounds easier than paying for something that might never happen and you won't have the hassle of looking after the nanny as well

re the evening I'm not sure, would the nanny just be sitting in the room with 2 sleeping kids in the dark or would there be a TV?

crumpet Fri 10-Jul-09 21:47:58

Might be worth trying a nanny agency, to see if they have anyone oen their books who is between jobs.

Some friends did this for their wedding, and the nannies took my ds (8wks) and other babies for a walk in the grounds during the service and then babysat in the evening at the venue - came to collect parents as necessary for feeds!

allaboutme Fri 10-Jul-09 21:52:36

I'm bridesmaid and DH is an usher so will be hard for either of us to take them out if needed during the service as we will be wanted there (SIL doesnt want us ducking out and has suggested we get a nanny for the day!)

DS's will need to be in the service too as they are page boys, but at ages 3 and 17 months they are not likely to behave nicely for the whole service and may need a breather or two to let off some steam!

The evening meal is definitely child free, so will need a babysitter then definitely. Its all in big country house so nanny could put boys to bed and sit in another room/TV room as long as she had our baby monitor on to listen out for them.

Crumpet - can you recommend a nanny agency that might cover Suffolk?

maltesers Fri 10-Jul-09 22:01:43

Well, i would offer myself if you were nearer !!!!!! I live in Salisbury, Wilts.
I have 3 children, 21,18 and 8 and before I had my own i was a Montessori teacher and a nanny. Being an older mother i have looked after children for 30 lots of experience...Goodness, how old does that make me ?? Am i selling myself enough ?? lol
You dont know me from 'Adam', but if i was nearer you could interview me, etc. You are miles away though.
Any agency seems to be your best bet...not cheap i imagine.
Try typing in "Nanny Agencies in Suffolk" on Google?
Best of luck !

nbee84 Fri 10-Jul-09 22:05:14

You need our nannynick! He's in Surrey.

His website is here

danthe4th Fri 10-Jul-09 22:13:57

Try contacting a local childminder, thats the sort of service I offer but i'm miles away. It's usually a service offered by the bride and groom if they want the children amused they supply a wedding creche.I charge £10-£15 to keep them amused, fed and put to bed and sit but it's sometimes a long day often 10-12 hours

LadyMuck Fri 10-Jul-09 22:14:54

Worth talking to a few agencies I think. The venue may be able to suggest people who are usually used?

No idea as to Suffolk prices but for a one-off nanny at a weekend I pay £10 per hour (gross) plus an agency fee (Surrey/London border).

My only reservation would be that not being in sole charge is often tricky for a nanny, and for a stranger to be able to settle your children when they are so close to you and in a strange environment is a rather tough request - especially at this age. I've had no problem using temp nannies at home, when the children are in their own environment.

danthe4th Fri 10-Jul-09 22:15:25

thats £10-£15 PER HOUR lol

limonchik Fri 10-Jul-09 22:20:30

I do thi kind of thing as a nanny, I get work through my local nanny agency. I charge £10 waking hours, £7 sleeping hours (children asleep that is, not me).

allaboutme Fri 10-Jul-09 22:20:45

my children will be the only children at the wedding so not really an option for bride and groom to provide general creche service i dont think.

I am worried about a stranger settling the children (DS2 very clingy to me) but I could put them to bed and when settled leave the babysitter to listen for them I guess.

Hmmm, tricky one I know

I will also check local childminders, thanks for that tip.

bigchris Fri 10-Jul-09 22:23:06

god it sounds very hard
hope you come up with a solution soon

I'm assuming your side of the family can't help out?

allaboutme Fri 10-Jul-09 22:26:07

My family a long way away!
It does sound hard doesnt it?!

I've left my contact details on one nanny website I found that seems to offer a similar service so hopefully they will call me and I'll see what they say.
Theres also a childminder that goes to my toddler group so I'll see what she recommends next week too.


nbee84 Fri 10-Jul-09 22:28:54

Have you checked out nanynick's website above? He has maternity nanny experience so is very experienced with young babies.

allaboutme Fri 10-Jul-09 22:33:04

I have, thanks. I've kept it open on my laptop so I can call him next week to ask.
Not sure if I'm a bit far away for him though.

nannynick Fri 10-Jul-09 22:42:35

Surrey isn't near Suffolk!
One difficulty you may find is that if the premises is a hotel or other commercial premises, then the childcarer may not be insured to provide the service - I'm not able to provide childcare on commercial property.

Wedding Creche services exist. Not really what you are looking for but a wedding creche provider may be able to supply just one person to provide care... could be worth asking. Don't know of any in Suffolk. Little Angels is in Norfolk... not sure if they would travel to Suffolk.

nbee84 Fri 10-Jul-09 22:55:16

Ooooops blush - got my counties mixed up! Soz.

MollieO Fri 10-Jul-09 23:06:52

Wouldn't the hotel be able to provide someone? I went to a wedding at Portmeiron when ds was 10 months and they organised a babysitter - an older woman from the village who was lovely.

auntilin Fri 10-Jul-09 23:29:03

I babysit in the local hotel, they have my cards & give them to guests when they ask. So worth trying the venue...

allaboutme Sat 11-Jul-09 08:36:46

SIL has asked at the venue and they dont have anyone to recommend! Its not a hotel, its a private (large!) country house that hires itself out for weddings and functions, so not as big as a hotel (only 6 bedrooms).

ProfYaffle Sat 11-Jul-09 08:45:59

It might be worth calling Little Angels, I see they're based in Yarmouth which isn't far from the Suffolk border. Also don't know whether the Suffolk Childminding Network may be able to help.

nannyL Sat 11-Jul-09 08:48:35

do any of your friends have nannies who would be able to help?

I dont mind doing this type of thing (am doing ot tonight actually) but am no where near suffolk.

allaboutme Sat 11-Jul-09 08:54:41

I will definitely call Little Angels. I have got their website open on my laptop.
None of my friends have nannies! I am a SAHM and moved to this area not too long ago so all the friends I have made are in similar situations to me.
I do know 1 nanny from a toddler group I go to, who is lovely, but is also very pregnant so not a good idea I dont think! smile

So, I've got Little Angels, plus one nanny agency to try.
I'm also seriously thinking about asking one of my mum friends if they would consider leaving their kids with their OH and doing it for me if I pay them.... dont know how that would go down though, its a bit of an odd request!!

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 11-Jul-09 11:50:04

i have done many wedding creches, tho i am in kent so no help to you sad

try placing an ad on Nj or netmums and also also look at nannys ads on there - many are happy to babysit/do weekend work

would have thought 8/10ph

eastmidlandsnightnanny Sat 11-Jul-09 11:59:39

I have nannied for families attending a wedding but have had the children in a hotel room or for the whole day so parents have not taken them to the wedding at all.

had 2wk old twins once wedding was in a huge country home twins mum was cousin of bride (whose parents owned the home) and I was in the family bit of the home with the twins from 2pm-3am.

expect to pay between £8-£15 an hr depending on nannies experience and qualifications.

I would try an agency or advertise on netmums or have a look at babysitters thread on here.

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