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Help!! Aupair problem an she not even here yet

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Totallyfloaty35 Thu 09-Jul-09 15:01:23

New Aupair due to arrive today,so lovely girl i have now was moving out of room today and cleaning it.However yesterday received email from new girl saying see you in 3 daysshock i emailed her twice to find out why 3days but had no reply.I cant get hold of her today as got a wrong number for her mobile,plus i usually talk to her on Skype.I know her flight times as she sent me copy of her ticket.Thing is i rearranged loads of stuff assuming she was coming on 9th.Also old aupair doesnt know whether to vacate her room,seems pointless for her to move into eldest dds room,dd to move in with baby if its not needed for several days.New aupair is going out now for whole day as its her birthday,her stuff is still in the room and bedding not changed etc.
What if this girl turns up anyway? im so cross and confused,its making my head ache sad

DadInsteadofMum Thu 09-Jul-09 15:12:30

My first au pair turned up a day late as she missed her flight because of traffic problems due to the tour de france.

At the time I was absolutely furious (she phoned just as we were leaving for the airport to pick her up). Like you plans were thrown all over the place, emergency child care had to be arranged etc.

However, she turned up was wonderful, and everything forgotten within a few days.

Put it into the "these things happen" box and wait and see.

Millarkie Thu 09-Jul-09 15:17:07

OMG! So good you decided to 'double up' on APs. I hope she isn't ditzy enough to have booked her flight on the wrong day (ie. right date as far as your concerned but she thinks it's sunday). What time were you expecting her?
Is she kiwi/aussie? Is there any chance that she has friends in UK and booked flight for today but was going to spend a few days with them before coming to you???
Have you double checked the date that her email was sent to you?

limonchik Thu 09-Jul-09 15:18:20

Is there a possibility there was some delay with the email, and she sent it three days ago?

Totallyfloaty35 Thu 09-Jul-09 15:33:09

I double/quadruple checked the email date and it def says it was sent yesterday.But that is the main thing worrying me,as if she turns up today i have no room for her/no welcome present etc.
I suppose if she did call from airport i could have mad dash around and clear out current girls room.But that seems a bit rude to current girl who has gone out to celebrate(what if she comes back tipsey and climbs in bed with herhmm)someone is going to get a shock one way or the other.
I have been frantically searching through old emails for her contact details,but my computer has cleverly wiped out all my old emails over a month old.

limonchik Thu 09-Jul-09 15:39:36

Stop worrying! There's been some error in communication, if she does turn up today and you're not ready for her, just explain that to her - it'll do her no harm to sleep on the sofa for one night to give current au pair the chance to sort her own room out tomorrow.

You really don't have to cover every eventuality.

Millarkie Thu 09-Jul-09 17:00:20

Any chance you found her on AP world and her profile is still active? You should be able to see her phone number on there.
Will you be able to get to the airport ok to get her if she does ring?

(I have got into the routine now of printing out a 'dossier' on my 'potential' APs once we get to the short-list stage, after realising that I had no phone number for AP number 1 once she deleted her online profile - I print out their AP world profile and our first few emails (the question/answer ones))

Totallyfloaty35 Thu 09-Jul-09 17:15:35

Ok Limon,im calm now,what will be,will be.Her profile still up,but i need to join again to get her number and im not 100% sure her number was on their site.Oh well she should have landed by now,she has my mobile so will wait and see.

Millarkie Thu 09-Jul-09 21:39:47

Has she turned up then?

Totallyfloaty35 Thu 09-Jul-09 22:28:53

She did,it was an email problem.She is ok about being on sofa bed for the night as well.She is very nice so far,very chatty.grin

1dilemma Thu 09-Jul-09 22:48:23

oh glad you came on to tell us I was wondering too!

Hope it works out for you

limonchik Thu 09-Jul-09 22:52:08

I'm glad everything worked out!

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