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CM advice plz!

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NannyBeth Tue 07-Jul-09 20:53:32

Hi all

This is my first post, so please be nice wink

I am currently a nanny and have 1yr experience in nannying, plus 1 yr in nurseries before this. I have equivalent to the NVQ level 2 qual in child care, first aid, am CRB checked and ofsted registered as a nanny.

I am interested in possibly CMing when my current position finishes (earliest will be about a yr from now) and was wondering if anyone could answer a few q.s?

1. has anyone gone from being a nanny/au pair to being a CM? How did you find it? Also, what are the major differences between nannying and CMing? (apart from where it takes place obviously)

2. how long does it take to register as a CM with ofsted? what more does it involve when comparing it to registering as a nanny? (basically just filling out forms and providing copies of 1st aid)

3. do you have to own your home to CM? does anyone on here who CMs also rent?

4. from what iv heard, you can have a max. of 3 children under 5, 1 of these under 1 - is this right? how many school age can you have on top of this?

5. what are average rates for CMing per child? and what does this include?

sorry, i know a lot of this is probably really basic... I know the answers to a lot of this from a family day care in Australia (same as CMing here) view but I think it is quite different over here!!

Thanks for bearing with me!!


nbee84 Tue 07-Jul-09 21:36:36

I've gone from being a nanny - to being a childminder - back to being a nanny.

1. I became a nanny once I had my 2nd child and nannying with 2 is logistically difficult - if you can find an employer in the 1st place, most won't employ someone with 2 children of their own. This was back in the days when cm's were under social services so I found it a lot easier than you would do these days. I believe these days there is a lot more courses and form filling to do before you are even inspected - it can take many months now. As I already had children my house was a child friendly environment with safety features like stairgates and fire blankets and I had a good range of toys.

I went back to nannying a few years ago once the demands of Ofsted became too much (and my children had grown up) - I'm not a lover of paperwork and form filling and was fed up of my house becoming and looking more and more like a nursery. I also prefer the benefits of being an employee rather than self employed

2,3,4 and 5 I will leave for people who are currently childminding as they will have better knowledge than me.

nbee84 Tue 07-Jul-09 22:01:19

their own - your own

nbee84 Tue 07-Jul-09 22:02:13

Oh - you know what I mean! 'Tis late - must go to bed grin

danthe4th Sun 12-Jul-09 13:15:36

Have a look on your local council website it should have the contact details for your childminding development officer who will be able to tell you when the next intro courses are running. It can take up to 8 months to register so If you start now you should be ok. Also have a look on the website for other cminders in your area and you can see how much they charge.
Its up to your landlord whether they allow childminding, you have to inform your household insurance, have business insurance for your car, public liability etc. Have a look on the ncma website it has all the info your after.good luck

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