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1st interview tomorrow - aaarrgh

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Had call today to go for interview 2morrow - thought hadn't got past application. I really, really want this job - deputy playgroup leader - but haven't had an interview in 6 years so not sure what to expect.

Been and bought outfit - couldn't turn up in cm 'business dress' of jeans and t-shirt smile- about to research the playgroup, but am totally papping myself.

Haven't been this nervous since told dp 5yrs agoI was pregnant at the age of 39 grin. Actually, that was the reason I became a cm........ hmm

HELP blush

Ripeberry Tue 07-Jul-09 20:09:41

I'm the secretary of a pre-school and i was at a few interviews where i took notes and the chairman and Treasurer did the interviewing (they run their own businesses as well so now how to do it).
They basically asked how the candidate would deal with the parents, kids, how they work in a team, do they understand the EYFS?
Quite basic really, more of a friendly chat.
The main thing we were looking for was someone who was approachable and made us feel at ease, as being the interviewer can be scary as well!
I'm sure you'll do well, good luck for tomorrow smile

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