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Got a new parent coming to do contracts today is this a reasonable thing to ask?

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2anddone Tue 07-Jul-09 11:25:51

Hi I have a new parent coming to do contracts later. I am currently childless mindee wise. Her child is starting in Sept. Is it reasonable to ask her to pay a deposit? The last mindee left without notice and i had to wait ages to get the 2 weeks notice paid to me so I was wondering wether I could ask her for 2 weeks money as a non-refundable deposit to hold her place which is paid back at the end of the contract (or not if she goes AWOL) what do you think and how could I word this TIA

atworknotworking Tue 07-Jul-09 11:32:59

Is it a full time / part time place 2anddone

If it's full time I would ask for deposit, esp if you have had probs before, couple of weeks would be ok as Sept not that far away, if it was P/T prob wouldn't as you still have option of offering to another mindee so not loosing too much if one cancells IYSWIM.

ayla99 Tue 07-Jul-09 12:32:42

Definitely get a deposit. I give parents an application form to return with a months deposit. I keep it til last day of childcare to ensure payment during notice period. I explain that the place is not booked until the contracts signed and the deposit cleared to my account. (sometimes I agree a few days thinking time, during which I won't give the place to anyone else without calling them and giving them opportunity to get their deposit in first). I don't sign the contract until the deposit cleared, so I'm not committed if I haven't had any payment.

ayla99 Tue 07-Jul-09 12:45:13

NB put on the deposit receipt and any written agreement/contract "interest does not accrue", to make it clear you will not be paying parents any interest - you may have the deposit for some time! I keep deposit fees in a separate account to ensure its not accidentally spent or reduced by bank charges. Any interest received will be used as a contribution towards toys/books/crafts/outings as applicable. Its not a moneyspinner for me!

*Registration Fee*
This fee is a contribution towards the costs of the administration, planning and preparation involved in enrolling your child. This fee is not refundable and cannot be credited to future fees. This fee is renewable annually if you do not have a long-term contract and only require occasional/emergency childcare.

*Deposit Fee*
To reserve a long-term place you will need to submit a deposit fee equivalent to one month’s fees. The deposit will be retained by the Childminder until the end of the Childcare Agreement when termination with notice is satisfactorily completed and any outstanding fees will be taken from your deposit fee. The deposit will not be refunded if you decide to reduce the hours of care or if you do not take up the place(s) as agreed.

*Retainer Fee*
If I have an immediate vacancy but you wish to reserve the place for a specified later date, then a retainer fee (1/2 fees unless otherwise specified in the Contract Document) is payable until the start/recommencement of the childcare arrangement. eg, you may not require childcare during school holidays or while on maternity leave.
If your place is unavailable during retainer period (eg, I am away on holiday or have another child booked in your place) then the retainer fee will be waived for the period during which your place was unavailable.
Payment of a retainer fee allows you to use the place during the period to which the retainer fee relates should you choose to do so. However, you will need to give plenty of notice and full fees will be payable for the time booked and the retainer fee will still be due for the remaining time (if any). If you do not give sufficient notice I may not be able to accommodate your request – in this instance the retainer fee will not be refunded or waived. Your contract will state the notice you are required to give.
Please note that if you cancel the arrangement or you choose not to take up your place on the agreed date then the retainer fee is not refundable. Retainer fees are not credited to future childcare costs.

islandofsodor Tue 07-Jul-09 12:51:46

As a parent I would absolutely expect this.

I have always paid a months deposit at nursery which has either been refunded afterwards or dedcuted from the final months bill.

stickylittlefingers Tue 07-Jul-09 13:07:24

agree with islandofsodor - I would only expect it (pt or ft).

Ripeberry Tue 07-Jul-09 20:27:48

I've got a parent starting in September as well and i'm doing it a bit differently.
I'm taking a £100 deposit and will use it towards the 'settling in period'.
It will still mean they will get invoiced for any hours extra but it just means that in the first month of going back to work they don't have to fork out another huge sum of money.

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