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Tuesday Staffroom It's too early!

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crace Tue 07-Jul-09 07:27:43

Up from 6am today, yawn. Mindee not even here until after nursery run at 9! My insomniac children.. grrr..

coolj Tue 07-Jul-09 08:48:07

Morning Crace. Im just waiting for 2 to arrive. Must be running a bit late.

Have a good day.

atworknotworking Tue 07-Jul-09 11:21:35

Morning all feels like a strange old day today, don't know why but there you go.

Planning trips for 1/2 term today, do you recon I could slip Harvey Nicks in somewhere lets see....

Have fun

Katymac Tue 07-Jul-09 13:15:08

Morning all

I was running a LA creche today - which is had work

But it's over now & I can relax

crace Tue 07-Jul-09 15:32:29

How is DH Katy?

Katymac Tue 07-Jul-09 17:07:48

He's OK; they are looking at some different treatment

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