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Would this be something a childminder would do?

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pantshavenames Thu 02-Jul-09 14:35:42

I'm trying to get organised for going back to work in 6 months and I was hoping some childminders could answer a few queries for me....
I have a DD who would be 2, and a DS who'll be 4.5 in March. Ideally I need childcare for DS in the morning from 8 ish and then to take him to school. DD would be dropped off at the same time and then either looked after till 1-ish or taken to nursery and picked up at 12 and given lunch. (I'd probably prefer her to go to nursery to have a bigger social circle)
Am I being unreaslistic? How much would the average (non London) childminder charge for this? Would they also be able to do school holidays? Can they teach them French and a cordon bleu style of cooking? grin.
I can tweak my hours a little but I need to maximise the hours I'm at work to pay for the childcare IYSWIM.

leonifay Thu 02-Jul-09 14:41:56

yes, most cm would be able to do this. price varies on location look up your area on this website to see what cms would charge

underpaidandoverworked Thu 02-Jul-09 18:12:51

If I drop off and pick up at nursery then I charge for the time they are there, as I can't fill the space for a couple of hours, so you could be paying for childcare twice.

Most cms go to playgroups, drop ins etc - my mindees have a bigger social circle than I do hmm grin.

I would contact your local Family Information Service and ask them to send a list of available childminders, start looking around now - lots of cms have vacancies from September when older children start school.

Also, ask for recommendations from other parents - most of my business comes from recommendations.

Good luck

cece Thu 02-Jul-09 18:23:55

I had a cm who used to do this when mine were a bit younger, so yes. However you will find you will be chanrged by the cm for the time they are at Nursery, as you are taking a space even if they aren't there for a couple of hours iyswim.

gigglinggoblin Thu 02-Jul-09 18:31:59

Def realistic but you may have to ring a few to find one with enough spaces at the right time. Dont get disheartened if a couple say they cant its really a question of numbers andhow part timers fit together.

I agree with underpaid & cece, I would also charge for the time she was at nursery as chances are you cant sell a space that small, especially if she is the emergency contact. I dont feel we dont see enough people, just make sure you ask which groups they go to (and then feel free to stalk them to see if you like their childcare style)

I charge £3 per hour, then £1 to cover breakfast as ds is there so short a time. I dont charge for meals if child is there for more than 3 hours but all cms have different rules.

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