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Nanny looking for work in N.E. Lincolnshire

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sharkchaser Wed 01-Jul-09 23:04:33

I've recently been told that my work family may be relocating to North England. This is obviously not suitable to travel to from Lincolnshire. MB thinks that it wont happen even though house is going on market soon. She said to me that she'd understand if I was to look for another job. I love my job so much but in todays climate I worry about the future if i wasn't to 'look'. I really feel that it would be a huge risk to stay in current position and hope that they dont move. Therefore, I've decided to have a look out there for work. I've been a nanny for almost 20 years and have excellent references. If anyone is in the area and happens to be looking for a nanny, I'd love to chat.

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