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Okay.. I need current Childminders to help me here.. Going back to childminding....

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mnf09 Sun 28-Jun-09 17:37:14

Hello lovley childminders

Hope someone is able to help me as gathering bits and pieces of information from all over the place is getting confusing.

My last inspection was sept 2006 so definatly due. I have not been childminding for past 18 months (due to other commitments) but want to start back up for around september 09.

What exactly are all the new procedures put in place, anyone kind enough to go through it with me as i really want to get started from now. My first Aid is also due im on the next available course in my area which is October 2009 which i know will be an issue with them.

What do i need on day of inspection (Assuming I will be inspected before i have children in place) could anyone give me a list of Must haves?? Thank you so much in advance... i think mumsnet is great

nannynick Sun 28-Jun-09 18:10:56

Are you still a registered childminder, or has your registration lapsed (such as due to not paying fees)?

Documents I can think of which may be of help:
EYFS: Statutory Framework
EYFS Guidance
Ofsted: Guide to Registration Early Years Register (Childminder)

Not a childminder myself so can't really give much advise but if you haven't read the above documents, hope those are of help. I assume you are in England... if you are not, then I would suggest you do post details of which country you are in.

mnf09 Sun 28-Jun-09 19:44:19

Hi thanks, Yes I am in England and Yes i am still registered and have paid my fees and in fact my NCMA. I planned to go back in Jan this year than Easter now Septermber so have always kept them well informed.

Thank you.

Do we have to write policies surrounded the above requirements to show our acknowledgement?

mnf09 Mon 29-Jun-09 11:07:43

just a wee bump... wink

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