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anyone do temp work? Is it any good?

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lisad123 Sun 28-Jun-09 14:59:13

I dont know what to do. My mum cant have dd2 anymore and nether can my friend help, so now having to pay CM from Sept, costing me £260 a month for 12 hours a week. I dont earn huge amount, so not really keen.
Anyone know if its worth doing temo work for nanny type work? I cant be CM as DH is too sick to deal with all the germs so have to work out of home but need to be around for dd1 (school ages) and dd2 is nearly 2yrs. I work in the community now, and love my job, but need something that fits in. I really like working and need to make sure i can bring enough in especially with dh being unwell.
What do you girls think?

nannynick Sun 28-Jun-09 15:11:29

When I nannied 3 days a week, I aimed to find temp work for 2 days a week... nannying or nursery. Ended up being nursery, was not much call for temp nannies I found in my area.

That isn't to say there isn't demand for temp nannies now but if you had to find a certain number of days work a week, I think that you would not get sufficient temp work to keep you busy.

There are some possible factors against someone wanting you to be a temp nanny for them:
1. Would you be bringing your DD2 to work with you?
2. Would you need to collect DD1 from school?
3. Do you have nannying experience.
4. Do you have childcare qualifications.
5. Do you have Ofsted registration (if in England)

lisad123 Sun 28-Jun-09 16:15:59

would need to bring dd2 with me, and pick dd1 from school. Im a qualified nursery nurse, and have worked in socal services, with children with special needs, currently working in a childrens centre as a outreach worker. I love my job, really dont know what to do i have to see boss next week, and ask if there is anyway she can up my wages, but happy to take on more responsiability,

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