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Babysitting - going rate in the north west?

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EightiesChick Thu 25-Jun-09 09:55:38

I'm sure it must have been asked before but I can't find regional info on a search. This will be a friend who will be looking after my 6 mo DS at my house, for an hour or two during the day. At the moment it's one-off arrangements but I am thinking of asking her if she can do one afternoon a week to give me a break.

eastmidlandsnightnanny Thu 25-Jun-09 17:14:03

Hello it depends on qualifications and experience of the babysitter.

I am a qualified childrens nurse and have lots experience and huge range exp so charge from £10 an hr

whereas a local teenager would earn around £3-£4 an hr

a nursery nurse babysitting in this area tends to earn around £5-£8 an hr for babysitting.

Know not north west but middle of country.

clayrebear Thu 25-Jun-09 19:17:16

I work as a nanny in Manchester and for babysitting earn £8 hour before midnight and £10 after and most people seem happy with this. I am NNEB qualified and 16 years of experience to ask for this though, maybe if your friend not as expeienced would be £1-2 hour less.

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