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very tired thursday staffromm now open!

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leonifay Thu 25-Jun-09 07:49:30

good morning all, i feel dead this morning, managed to pull myself out of bed and get myself and the house ready for 7am mindees who i am still waiting for hmm

anyway off to softplay today, which will be fun for the lo's and hopefully will mean they will all sleep this afternoon.

have a good day

leonifay Thu 25-Jun-09 07:51:04

staff room even, i'm very tired today!

mumsanutter Thu 25-Jun-09 07:54:02

Whoops I started one as well, lets stay here!!!

I just said that I haven't been around much as am not working during the day at the mo, and am therefore spending time with my boys before ds3 starts school and ds4 goes to nursery in september.

Leonifay, try to rest when the little ones rest or try to get an early night tonight.

shoshe Thu 25-Jun-09 08:03:43

Started at 6.45 this morning with 15 month old who is on a stayover tonight, and 2 year old was inat 7, so all syatems go here, good thing I am a morning person grin

Leo, lots of coffee at soft play, then a early night, as ordered by me grin

Mums we have missed you, nice to see you back [twice] grin

crace Thu 25-Jun-09 09:12:32

Leonifay - I used to have a 7am one that would arrive between 7.45 and 8am.. So irritating isn't it? I kept suggesting we move the time but no...

Anyway, mindee just arrived so off to feed our livestock (we've got a small holding down the street) and then a shopping trip around the village. Such a lovely day already, want to get out before it gets too hot.

Have a great day all

crace Thu 25-Jun-09 09:13:53

Hi mums and Shoshe! Sorry, I took so long to post I missed you both!

leonifay Thu 25-Jun-09 11:46:20

just got back from soft play and both lo's are fast asleep grin, the usually sleep for 2 1/2 hours when they do sleep so after that it will be a quick painting activity, then i'm done for the day and can sleep!!
shoshe, i'm only surviving on coffee at the moment, but i cant work out why i'm so tired, i fell asleep at 6.30 blush last night and feel like i've had no sleep

PinkChick Thu 25-Jun-09 12:10:27

hi girls smile

was meant to start at 6.30 this morn, had hardly no sleep in two nights as poor dd has bad hayfever and if its not her itchy eyes, shes all bunged up at 6.10 had everything ready to step into LOl and parent arrives at 6.20!!!!..FGS, when i need to leave for school people are ALWAYS late, but at the crack of dawn when im trying to get ready without waking everyone up they come hammering then!..i opened window and quitely shouted ill be there in 2 minutes (pulling my clothes on)..but they knoacked again until i got there!angry..and of course i said to them in a big smily voice ooh early bird today, which fell on deaf ears!..cant win can we LOL, i felt like saying wait there till ive brushed my teeth! your ten minutes early and the suns just come upwink..but ofcourse i didntwink
anyway, got 3 babies(1yr, 20m & 2 yr), but all down for nap after tiring them out at play group this morning having a lovely sit down and my breakfast LOL at lunch time!..working till 8pm and think ill go to bed as soon as they leave LOL.x

crace Thu 25-Jun-09 12:14:45

Does anyone have a multi-cultural calendar I can steal use?

crace Thu 25-Jun-09 12:28:34 here is one!

crace Thu 25-Jun-09 12:30:23

And I stumbled upon this site

crace Thu 25-Jun-09 12:32:10

Same site but there is an EYFS to do list to download

shoshe Thu 25-Jun-09 13:04:02

London11 has had her babies!!!!!!

Theo William born at 10.16 weighing 7lb 7oz
Lewis Daniel born at 10.17 weighing 7lb 3oz

Mum and boys doing well just spoke to her, C section, planned.

Im going to the hospital tomorrow to see her, I am a surrogote Granny again!

crace Thu 25-Jun-09 13:17:33

Babies?! I didn't know she was pregnant much less with twins! Congrats to London!!

mumsanutter Thu 25-Jun-09 13:33:46

Congrats to London

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