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CMs.....the nicest parents you've ever worked for?

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Cacharel Wed 24-Jun-09 20:10:47

I've got a new-ish mindee - he's been with me about three months - and he's a pet, really sweet and good natured (15mo).

This has to be because his mum and dad are just absolutely lovely.

They are totally accomodating about day changes, gave me a birthday present (I wasn't hinting, it's just that I had the day off and mentioned it was because my DH was taking me for a birthday treat), always ask after my (grown-up) daughter because they know that she's doing her teacher training....

What a lovely family! It makes all the difference when you feel valued and appreciated by your mindees parents.

shoshe Wed 24-Jun-09 20:31:28

I have had some wonderful parents, one in particular I can think of, who was paying me retainer on a space they didntbactully want to two more months.

The Mum came to pay me the second month to find I had put my back out and was alone as DH was away.

A hour later the Dad arrived back at my house witha cooked meal for me!

I had their daughter for two years, she left when Mum went on maternity, and went on to Nursery.

In November baby sister is starting and older one will be doing before and after Nursery on a sibling variation.

And the Parents that have now emigrated to Oz, who when Mum went shopping would come back with little pressies, just cos she could.

Or the one I have now, who came to pick up while I was on the school run, she phoned me, and I said to go on in and make herself a coffee, when i got back she had tidied up the baby toys and put the hoover round.

They are just three of the wonderful parents I have had.

JenniPenni Thu 25-Jun-09 00:45:52

I don't work FOR my parents, I work WITH them... they are not my employer.

I've had a good run of lovely parents I have to say... but I have a couple of absolute gems that just make my day. From getting funny socks at Christmas, to flowers for my birthday, to a letter about what I mean to them as a family... it's the little things that count.

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