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nannies in hampshire - basingstoke/camberley

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HerHonesty Tue 23-Jun-09 19:12:39

anyone Mnetters who could indicate what sort of cost for 4days per week, 8-6 for one child?

nannynick Tue 23-Jun-09 19:40:35

I'm Camberley area. For someone NVQ3 Qualified with several years experience, you are looking at around £20,800 Gross for the hours you require - or put another way £10 per hour Gross. To that you have Employers NI to add, which is another £1930.88 (09/10 tax year) Employers NICs figure supplied by:

You will then need to take into account the extra's such as activities, outings. Nanny kitty for 4 days per week I would suggest to be around the £20 mark... so just over another £1000 a year. Then if the nanny uses their own car, mileage would typically be paid at £0.40 per mile.

I'd say that £24,000 would be a likely total cost to you as the employer, excluding nannies travel and food whilst on duty.

HerHonesty Tue 23-Jun-09 19:51:51

thanks nick, that is very helpful. can you recommend any agencies in the area?

nannynick Tue 23-Jun-09 20:01:16

Not Basingstoke way I can't. To be honest, I wouldn't use an agency - you will find that you can get a huge amount of information from other Mumsnetters with regard to nanny recruitment. An agency may be useful if you want someone very urgently... but if you have time to recruit yourself you will save quite a bit of money doing recruitment yourself. is I think the largest nanny recruitment website in the UK (many agencies advertise their jobs on there). Parents pay a fee to place an advert... currently £20 for a month. You can also try posting ads at and both of which I think are currently free for a non-featured ad.

I have started writing a guide to nanny recruitment: Part 1: Advertising Part 2: Agencies

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