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Am I looking too early for a nanny/cm?

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rubyslippers Tue 23-Jun-09 10:08:26

I will need a nanny or CM from May 2010

I have started to put some feelers out but i have a feeling I may be too early?

it would just be really nice to get everything sorted but the CM i spoke to last night told me to call her back in Jan/Feb time

What do you think?

The trouble with looking now is that if you want to reserve a space you will be asked for a deposit or retainer which, in consideration of the length of time between now and May, will be probably be a considerable amount.
By ringing back in a few months this will be reduced considerably.

twinklytoes Tue 23-Jun-09 10:43:54

unless you can afford to pay huge retainers for the next 10months. I would say give yourself 6months.

for now chat and get to know the cms at the school gate or at toddler groups so when you start visiting and making arrangements you've already got idea of who you'd approach first.

rubyslippers Tue 23-Jun-09 10:51:50

ah - hadn't thought about deposit

With DS we had to pay a £300 deposit at nursery which i did when i was 6 months PG, so that wasn't too extortinate

hmmm - working FT so not much chance to chat at school/toddler groups etc

maybe waiting until the new year is best but i don't want to miss anyone!

evuscha Tue 23-Jun-09 11:41:49

Rubyslippers - I am a prospective nanny and might be available from May 2010 - and I like to have things sorted in advance too
I´m planning to start my MSc degree in London in Sept 2010 and relocate to London by April/May 2010 to get started. So although it is a bit in advance and I´m still not sure what I will be doing (long story, I am happy to chat in e-mails) we can keep in touch and talk more if you want - feel free to e-mail me at evuschak at gmail dot com
In generally though, I agree that 6 months in advance is plenty of time.

rubyslippers Tue 23-Jun-09 11:42:51

thanks! Will be in touch smile

LittlePaws Tue 23-Jun-09 14:10:04

I am a childminder and have just signed up a child for next April (2010)

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 23-Jun-09 14:20:48

generally nannies look for new jobs 3mths in advance

a month to interview, get refs checked, 2nd interview etc, and then often most nannys have2mths notice

if you want may i personally would start looking feb 10

a lot can happen in 10mths and someone who you may like whether cm/nanny may be pregnant/different circumstances then

rubyslippers Tue 23-Jun-09 15:14:04

thank you Blondes smile

Littlepaws - did you ask for a retainer for the next 9 months or so?

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