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swineflu at my dd school

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bigdonna Mon 22-Jun-09 16:21:40

hi im a childminder and my dd has just brought a letter home to say a boy in her yr has got swineflu the school have decided to stay open would you keep your dd off in case she passes it to mindees

leonifay Mon 22-Jun-09 16:37:44

i would probably put it in a letter to the parents, say that school isnt closing and dd will continue to go, you will be staying open, they are welcome to find alteritive arrangements however full pay will still be required. (obviously more tactfully and better written)
but no i wouldnt keep dd off, i think that most of this swine flu stuff is hyped up, but that is just my opinion grin

nannynick Mon 22-Jun-09 17:40:45

You can find latest guidance at Teachernet: Flu Pandemic

The advice would be not to close, until told to do so by local health authority.

From the Teachernet Flu Pandemic faq: Staying Safe While Open
"The most effective step at this stage would be to promote good hygiene practices to children and staff: washing hands and using tissues safely."

bigdonna Mon 22-Jun-09 17:59:37

thanks leonifay and nannynick still deciding what to do as going on holiday on friday,so dont really want dd to catch it.

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