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Had my inspection today!

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newishminder Fri 19-Jun-09 22:30:07

Took over 4 hrs!
Overall very good feedback and Im happy with my grading
I have one action which Im disappointed with. My understanding on permission forms for medication was to fill out the NCMA one (if youre a member) and that was fine. But no the parents have to write a letter given full details of the med and then they will out the NCMA form. But at least I know now Thanks for everyones help and advice over the last week!Youre all fab

nannynick Fri 19-Jun-09 23:12:41

Great news that your inspection went well.

Yes, Ofsted published a factsheet in February about giving Medications - Giving Medication to children in Registered Childcare in which it says that providers need to "get written permission from parents for every medicine before you give any

For over-the-counter medication it says
"you must get written permission beforehand
from parents. And, you must follow the same recording procedures as those for prescribed medication.
You must only give medication when asked to do so by a parent and if there is an accepted health reason to do so."

So it looks to me as though parents have to write a letter each time they want a different medicine given.

Numberfour Sat 20-Jun-09 09:44:08

newish, i was also given the same action, so don't feel too bad! i was also happy with my overall good grading. and it is over for 3 years!! as long as the action is taken care of.

RosieGirl Sat 20-Jun-09 17:17:23

Guys can you just confirm that the "Permission to administer a short course of medication or treatment daily" Section 3 in the NCMA accident/incident/medication folder isn't enough? Do you have to have seperate written permssion.


I would like that confirmed too - it's all I use. I was inspected end March and nothing was said about it. hmm If they change the requirements, then they should notify each and every one of us - not assume we all have the internet and have nothing to do but lurk the Ofsted website every day [we're far too busy on Mumnet grin.

BTW, well done smile.

essjay1976 Sun 21-Jun-09 01:15:51

i dont think it matters what you have ask three insoectors the same question you will get three different answers. there is no "FIXED" way of grading you just have to hope they got out of right side of bed and finished there bowl of crunchie nuts that day!! i have a friend who has just got outstandins and to be fair she isnt "THAT GOOD" ive mine next week so we shall see. we have the same inspector so shoudl be interesting. congrats though.

newishminder Sun 21-Jun-09 21:35:44

Thanks everyone.
Just to confirm the 'permission to administer a short course of medication or treatment daily' was what I filled in and she said that wasnt enough. You also have to have written permission too.
She showed me in the statutory framework book on page 26

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