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STAFF ROOM - Friday (cake available)

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looneytune Fri 19-Jun-09 06:03:22

Morning all

Thought I'd open up as I'm rarely around to look in these days, let alone open!

I've been awake since 5am when I woke up on the sofa - oops! Was wrapping presents for ds2 and made the mistake of having a quick sit down on the sofa and when I next looked at the clock it was 5am!

Anyway, help yourself to cakes.......this time 1 year ago, I was timing contractions on my laptop (just kept pressing space bar) and on the phone to my midwife whilst dh and ds1 were fast asleep and unaware. Then around 8am the birthing pool was put together and so on. I just don't know where the bloomin time goes!!

Right, off to have a cuppa then grab a shower before the kiddies wake up and present opening commences.

Have a good day all

HSMM - we're off to the Madhouse this morning if you fancy joining us? I'm picking up W/E girl up at 10am in Lidl car park then going straight there and staying until around 1.30ish.

Morning, what a great day to have a bday wink grin he's in good company.

looneytune Fri 19-Jun-09 06:13:08

Oh, is it HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you too grin If so, grab a whole pile of cake (I love virtual cake, you can eat as much as you want and more appears on the plate, plus you don't put on weight!!) wink

southernbelle77 Fri 19-Jun-09 06:19:08

Happy Birthday to LT's DS2! It really doesn't seem like a year ago that you were pregnant!

Happy birthday to TheOtherMaryPoppins too

I have today off work and am off to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend! Can't wait!

looneytune Fri 19-Jun-09 06:22:37

Oh......did I mention that I finish at 3.30pm today and then have A WEEK OFF!!! yippeeeeeeeeee I SOOOOOOO need this week off. It will be my first proper break since 1st September when I started back when ds was 10 weeks old (as my other days off ended up being used for nan's funeral etc. then major paperwork rush before Ofsted inspected!).

Changing the subject......I need some advice for my website.......a parent asked me this week if I would like a new website building for my business, free of charge (the couple run a global business doing web design/e-commerce etc) and I've been given this document to complete so they can hand to their graphic designer and so on. One of the questions is asking if I want some kind of strapline and I've decided I do. Any idea's????? Company name (for those who don't know) is Helen's Little Angels (Childminding Services). I've got so much to think about now but I've never done anything like this before (built my website myself when I first started so very mickey mouse and never had done professionally). Any advice would be fab.

Right, best go grab that shower before he wakes up!!

looneytune Fri 19-Jun-09 06:23:40

SBelle - thanks hun. Have a lovely long weekend break, doing anything nice? How you anyway? Not been about much so feel a little out of touch x

leonifay Fri 19-Jun-09 07:47:31

morning all, happy birthday to LT ds2 and also to theothermarypoppins.

LT i'm envy at the week off, you got anything nice planned?
for the strapline, what about something like, quality childcare giving you peace of mind. i'm rubbish at straplines, mines something just as cheesy!

i'm saying goodbye to one of my mindees today sad i wasnt expecting to be this sad about it. i may go and get a cake and some other bits and pieces and have a good bye party for her.

hope everyone else has a good day

Numberfour Fri 19-Jun-09 08:21:32

morning! happy birthday to TOMP and LT's DS2!

i have 3 free hours today (shock!) so will be doing eyp stuff frantically because the deadline for handing in our written work is looming.

only have DS and 6 year old before and after school and 4 year old from 12.30 today.

roll on friday night!

mumlove Fri 19-Jun-09 11:17:21

Morning everyone

Happy birthday to LT's DS2 and TOMP smile

Trying to tidy up today as have done none this week shock then tonight local childminders are all going out to dinner for childminding week.

Have a wonderful weekend (& week LT)

shoshe Fri 19-Jun-09 16:12:31

have had to send mindees home with sicknss bug sad

Then threw up myself.

It's not fair, was going to leaving party for London11 tonight (Babies due next week)

I really wanted to be there, she is one of my bestest frindssad

leonifay Fri 19-Jun-09 16:31:09

shoshie, i'm sorry thats rubbish. i really hope you feel better soon sad

looneytune are you able to help over here if you get a minute? or any one else that offers overnight care for that matter grin

Numberfour Fri 19-Jun-09 16:59:02

Shoshe, how horrible, you poor thing!

i have just SHRIEKED at DS, 6yr old and 4 yr old to stop what they were doing. all this week DS and 6yr old have had to be asked 2 / 3 / 4 times to do or not do something. so i let rip blush

going to need some wine to soothe my throat later......

crace Fri 19-Jun-09 19:03:18

Eeek Shoshe, feel better!

Happy birthday to LTs little one and to MaryPoppins!

Hello to everyone, and No4 I am with you there. Let me just say I am glad today is over.

I am feeling rather smug - did loads of Fathers Day things (card, DAD biscuits made from mumloves shortbread recipe, fairy cakes) went to the park, fed our animals.. all in the space of three hours. I even fed them snack and dinner in that time. I am knackered, but smug grin

Now onto my weekend job hmm lucky me

crace Fri 19-Jun-09 19:56:02

PS - anyone seen Katy today - how's DH?

Katymac Fri 19-Jun-09 20:07:34

Sorry - Been busy

DH is lots better - he managed to get to the bathroom by himself - the superdooper ABs from Papworth are the business

Thanks for asking

crace Fri 19-Jun-09 20:42:06


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