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toys form home policy?

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leonifay Wed 17-Jun-09 18:34:15

i'm currently updating policies and procedures and am sick of them bringing there own toys, getting upset when another child starts playing with it then spending 10 minutes serchig for the toy at pick up time!

does anyone have a policy i can steal look at?

BradfordMum Wed 17-Jun-09 18:50:50

I dont have a policy as such - I explain that they either share it, as I do with all MY toys, or it is put away til home time.

I've never had any problems.


holdingittogether Wed 17-Jun-09 18:52:55

I haven't written a policy but if i were to I would put in it the following points.....

If possible please don't bring toys from home apart from special comfort items.

If child is desperate to show a specific item then it is shared with the group at the start of the day and then put away in the child's bag/home box until pick up time.

Comfort items such as special teddy/blankie are welcome but will be kept in child's bag until needed and as a general rule will not be taken out on outings to avoid loss and the heartache that would cause.

fucksticks Wed 17-Jun-09 18:54:16

Sorry to barge in (not a CM!) but as a parent can I say that my boys both have cuddlys/comforters that they need for comfort at sleep time or if hurt. I'd be seriously p'd off if my CM said they couldnt bring them any more or had to share them (although not sure who'd want to share as they are both sucked to death ewww lol)
Might be worth noting an exeption on your policy?

fucksticks Wed 17-Jun-09 18:55:17

x posts, holding it together said it perfectly smile

tommypickles Wed 17-Jun-09 19:09:03

I know what you mean leonifay. I had one boy who would come, bring his toys in and scream the place down if my son touched them, and was really selfish and spiteful about the whole thing!! I would sneak them back into his bag as soon as I could.......all the while quite happy to play with my sons toys all day long.......AND THEN at the end of the day try to take my sons toys home!!!!!!!! He would start whinning and mum wouldn't want to deal with it so she'd say "we'll just take it tonight and bring it back tommorrow" Well what could I say. Takes the piss really. All that said I wouldn't be comfortable telling parents their children couldn't bring their own toys, they should just point out that if they're playing with other kids toys all day, they should return the favour once in a while. wink

hana Wed 17-Jun-09 19:21:25

why not do what preschools do and have a box at the door that they put their special things into?

don't make more work for yourself by writing a policy for it!

leonifay Wed 17-Jun-09 19:30:36

the main problem is with the parent who when the child talks about a certain toy at home mum puts toy in to the childs bag with out her knowing, then when the child gets things out of the bag she finds the toy then all the fuss starts. so i really want to put a policy in place so all the parents know not to bring them. the box by the door is a good idea tho, i might try that one for a few weeks to see how it goes, then put a policy into place if it doesnt work.

thanks holdingittogether and fucksticks, i didnt think about blankets and comfort toys, not having any children of my own or any mindees that have any at the moment, but i will definatly put an exception in.

welshdeb Wed 17-Jun-09 19:58:20

Separate "comfort items" and Toys in the policy.

Comfort items to be kept in child's bag until needed, and taken out in trips if specifically requested by parents due to risk of accidental loss.

Toys. Preferably child's toys stay at home and CM's toys stay at childminders.

I think that toys brought to CM should either be shared or if the child is not willing to share they should either to be given straight back to parent , or put straight in bag until pickup

I would prefer a no toys rule myself.

I also think its fair and reasonable to remind parents that there are some special toys which belong to CM's children and her children's toys should be respected. If childminder has plenty of minding equipment there should be no need for mindees to crave her children's toys In fact I don't think its unreasonable to put these out of bounds for mindees.
I also think that requests to take any CM's or CM's childresn toys home should be refused to avoid future embarassment

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