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nanny interview!!

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fairimum Wed 17-Jun-09 17:02:11

Hi to cut a very long story short I am an ex primary school teacher, but currently working as a nanny and taking my daughter (12months) with me. At the moment I look after a little girl who is now 18months and a boy of 5, this is full time, but ends in September. I have just been invited for an interview THIS EVENING for what sounds like an ideal part time job from September. 2 chn y1 and y4, working 8-9 and 3-6, so before and after school. Normally for an interview I like to think of all the possible things I am expecting to be asked and write down all my thoughts etc (dont take it with me but stops my mind going blank if I have done this...) BUT I have to leave in 2 hours and need to do go feed DD now, make dinner, do bath and bed then leave.... any ideas on questions you would ask in their situation etc would be VERY much appreciated!! Trying not to panic!!

Thank you x

nannynick Wed 17-Jun-09 18:16:39

Things they may ask you:
What things do you cook for children?
What activities would you do with them after school?
What would happen if a child was sick on the way to school... what would you do?
If Y4 child had an afterschool activity, would you go back to collect them later?
Why do you want to only work these short hours... would you keep looking for another nanny job? Would you look for work between 9am-3pm?

Things you may want to ask:
What are you expected to do household chores wise - if any.
What happens during school holidays and the various days the school shuts. What if a child is sick?
What things do the children like to eat?
What is their current after-school routine?
What after-school activities do they attend?

fairimum Wed 17-Jun-09 18:35:11

thanks Nick, have been scribbling a list of questions too - so feeling much more confident - teaching interviews are so much simplier.... hmmm well maybe not but at least I know what to expect! thanks again!!

nannynick Thu 18-Jun-09 19:42:24

How did it go?

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