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is anyone selling a triple pushchair??

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dizzynconfused Wed 17-Jun-09 13:40:08

prob wrong place to post this, is anyone selling a triple pushchair? im in manchester, thanks

alibubbles Wed 17-Jun-09 13:44:16

I have a brand new Obaby triple stroller here that I bought in a rash moment of thinking I'd need one. I manage with my P&T and twin reins as they are all walkers now.

essjay1976 Sun 21-Jun-09 01:23:10

go on fleabay i have a side by side urban detour its fab i paid 238 for it inclusive of postage and i love it, a shop sells them

hope this helps

tommypickles Sun 21-Jun-09 09:07:20

isn't that a double rather than a triple?

looneytune Sun 21-Jun-09 10:28:25

The Obaby stroller is good value for money. I got it as I had 4 under 18 months so had 3 in and my baby in sling. Now two of them are 2.2 and 2.4 so I'm back to the double and reins most of the time but the triple comes in handy for bigger trips so they can all nap etc. wink

essjay1976 Tue 30-Jun-09 09:57:49

nope triple its fab i can dig out somepics if you like? its really bouncy all terrain the wheels allcome off so actually fits better in my car han the side by side double from mothercare well worth a look.

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