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How do I "become" a CM?

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5inthebed Tue 16-Jun-09 12:03:55

My friend is going back to work in September, and dreading leaving her DS (PFB?) at a creche or CM. As my DS3 and her DS are the same age I suggested that I would have him, which she is exstatic about, but wants to pay me for it.

Now I don't want paying for it, but she is insisting, so I want to go through the right routes etc.

What training do I need, how do I register myself and how do I do taxes etc. Is there anything else I should know about CM?

shoshe Tue 16-Jun-09 12:18:25

Contact your local Surestart, they will tell you when the next briefing session in your area is.

But be aware it can take upto six months to be registered.

If you search MN you will find lots of threads on it.

buggylovinmummy Tue 16-Jun-09 14:07:29

Hi 5in im just doing my childminding course for the same reason really. It is a bit of a long process and if you want to be registered by september you will have to start asap. You will have to do a course for 4 days (one day a week),a 2 day first aid course, a crb check which alone takes between 6-8 weeks and lastly a visit to check your home is suitable and safe.

But at least once youve done it you could carry on childminding even after your friend doesnt need you anymore.

atworknotworking Tue 16-Jun-09 14:48:04

You will also need to do courses in safeguarding, hygiene (although thats changing) EYFS, etc this month i have done 5 so far got 3 more before end of month, mostly on evenings and weekends, so the training is ongoing. I have a lot at mo cos I'm doing nvq but as a rule 1 - 2 a month is prob a good basis to work on. You will prob have network meetings too which are roughly 4 - 5 weekly evening again, not compulsary but informative. Ofsted will look to see if you are accessing training to improve practice, so it's a long term commitment.

There's a heck of a lot of paperwork and planning to, as well as the usual paperwork that comes with running your own business.

CM is not a job for the faint hearted sad

But it's very rewarding too grin

5inthebed Tue 16-Jun-09 17:04:56

Thank you all for your help. I'll be popping to the local Sure Start on Friday anyway, so will ask them then.

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