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i can work in herefordshire this summer

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nannysammy Mon 15-Jun-09 20:23:26

hi mummydoc.
as u are in herefordshire.
i am a nanny and i live in worcester.

if iam any help to you please e mail me at

my name is sam .
iam a quilified and experienced nanny who is looking for her next nanny job within worcestershire, west midlands.
my current nanny job contract is ending at the end of september, i will be avaible to work from end of july / start of august 2009.
i have crb check, and good references,i can be flexible, looking for full time, part time, temperary or permant nanny work.
if you are looking foe a nanny in worcester, please e mail me on .

i would be intestrested in summer work.

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