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temporary live-out help available in SW London - 20-31 July, even just for a day :)

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evuscha Mon 15-Jun-09 15:43:58

Dear mums,
I am a 22yr old Czech girl with lots and lots of childcare experience - I´ve been an aupair in England many times (every summer for past 5 years, references available, including sole charge, children aged 1-9), in Prague I currently babysit for a 1yr old girl (about twice a month)..
I´m going to London for a couple of weeks in July to visit friends, but since they all work during the days, I thought I might offer my spare time on mumsnet, should any of you need a bit of help. I can play with the children, take them out, cook for them (I´m not the greatest of the cooks but I can certainly do pasta, fish fingers, vegetables etc.etc. - I´ve lived on my own for past 3 years and I survived!), I can walk your dog and also help out with cleaning and ironing if you need. Either for the whole period of my stay or just for a day...
Well, if this sounds interesting, feel free to contact me here or at evuschak at gmail dot com.
I will be based in SW London.
Look forward to hearing from you

evuscha Mon 29-Jun-09 12:44:42


evuscha Mon 13-Jul-09 10:46:02

Still free apart from 26-29 July!

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