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How much shall i charge?

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no1childminder Mon 15-Jun-09 13:03:49

Hi, I am a childminder and I have been asked to go on a flight with a mother, 2 1/2yr old and a 6mth old to France and once there literally turn around and come back again. I have to do this again a week later to accompany them home. They will pay for my flights but I dont know how much to charge for my time? I start about 7.30am on the sat and I should be finished about 4pm and Im guessing its roughly the same hours the following Sunday. I need to bear in mind its taking up practically a whole weekend day (twice) and I'll need someone to pick me up from the airport sat and drop me off 8 days later on the sun.

Any ideas would be great,


booboobeedoo Mon 15-Jun-09 13:14:12

Sorry - not sure I can help on how much to charge for your time, but just had to smile grin grin at the mum not wanting to do the flight on her own and the extraordinary couple of days that you are going to have because of it!!

tommypickles Mon 15-Jun-09 13:30:06

Hi, I too am amazed that this mum cannot manage a flight to France with 2 kiddies!! How long is the flight....couple of hours at most??? I went to caribbean last year....9 hour flight with my 3 kids.....I survived LOL. Is there more to it than what you have said.....why can't she manage for 2 hours?

I would suggest £100 for each day as its alot of your time and extra hassle for you getting someone to collect/take you to airport as well.

tommypickles Mon 15-Jun-09 13:32:18

Oh and I would charge at least 5 an hour from the moment you leave your front door till the moment you get home and bill her for the cab too. And any extras that you may need to buy as a result of this --wild goose chase-- trip

no1childminder Mon 15-Jun-09 13:34:48

yeah i was thinking £100 per day. it will also be alot of hanging around, especially if the next flight back wont be straight away! thank you for your comments everyone.

nannynick Mon 15-Jun-09 14:33:38

I was thinking more like £200 per day. It will be a lot of hassle, plus need to add the cost of taxi back home and to airport.

And if they aren't travelling at least upper class, don't go at all. Maybe mum has booked 1st Class and wants kids in Economy with you!

Booh Mon 15-Jun-09 14:41:59

I was thinking along the same lines as Nick, it would have to e around £200 plus they would pay the cost of a taxi to the airport.

Your be shattered the next day as travelling is always exhausting and it will wipe out two whole weekends

Summersoon Mon 15-Jun-09 14:59:57

I think that £200 a day is way too much - that sort of fee would really send a message that you didn't want to do this.

I would calculate as follows:

flying time 2 hours
check-in time 1.5 hours
time to get to the airport - whatever it is from where you are, but say, 1.5 hours
time to hang around waiting for return flight - whatever it is but could be as little as an hour if it is a UK airline and you are going back on the same plane that brought you out
return flight 2 hours
time to get home - again, whatever it is, but let's assume 1.5 hours

That makes a total of 8 hours plus.
Charge this out at a nanny rate and a high nanny rate to compensate for the inconvenience and the fact that it is a weekend: 8 hours x £12 = £96, call it £100. Even at £15 an hour, it would come to £120 - not £200.
Obviously, if the trip takes longer than the 8 hours estimated - for example, if planes are delayed, you charge for time spent. You can give her an estimate of the amount but do not cap this. You should not ask anyone to take you to or pick you up at the airport but get a minicab, keep the receipts and charge them. You shoudn't have any other significant expenses as it just a day trip but agree in advance that, if for weather or any other reason, you are forced to stay overnight in France, they will pay for a sensible hotel. (We got diverted for weather reasons one memorable trip to the South of France, which ended up a 24 hour journey...)

I wouldn't worry about business vs. economy class - it really makes very little difference on a 2-hour flight.

If they are not willing to agree to these terms, I would refuse.
In defence of the mum, I must confess that we have done this ourselves (Dad, 6 month old and I) blush Once you have done the trip, you ask yourself what on earth you were worried about but it can seem daunting to an inexperienced parent!

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 15-Jun-09 15:02:26

some airlines wont let you fly with 2 under 3 so this may be why she NEEDS you, rather than wants you,as tbh it is going to cost her some very shiney pennies grin

i personally would charge your hourly rate from the moment you leave your house, to the moment you get back, and obv the mum will be paying for your taxi fare to the airport/or petrol per mile (40p) and then car park fee to park at airport

so in my case £10ph

tommypickles Thu 02-Jul-09 15:10:06

i have never heard of airlines with these rules.

When I first had kids my eldest 2 girls were both under 2 never had a problem.....which airlines are these?

tommypickles Thu 02-Jul-09 15:11:00

BTW, I know this thread was ages ago, just interested wink

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 02-Jul-09 16:34:22

not sure tbh

my ex mb had that problem as was going to see gps in canada and db was joining them later and she was told she couldnt

apparently if under 2 then need to be on an adults lap for take off - unless now you can/have to pay for seat and put child on it?

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