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Monday Staffroom

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crace Mon 15-Jun-09 11:51:41

Morning.. err.. afternoon that is. Hopefully everyone is nice and busy and having good days today.

Thought I would pop by in a free second. Have the mindee here today, though not normally here. Going very well indeed. Plans for a nature walk this afternoon on way to a school pickup and making a baby wipe butterfly later. Fun fun.

Have a good day all!

Numberfour Mon 15-Jun-09 12:10:21

hi, crace! not a very busy staff room today, is it?

not too busy myself. but i am having a bit of a time with hayfever. i feel quite yuck, must say!

HSMM Mon 15-Jun-09 12:37:51

Just making lunch - anyone else joining me?

(and sneezing numberfour)

dmo Mon 15-Jun-09 12:44:52

hi need ideas for fathers day

crace Mon 15-Jun-09 13:51:18

We are doing a card (with a popout flower using muffin cups and a picture in the middle) and baking cakes with DAD on them. Not very exciting but it will be for the children no doubt!

Babywipe butterfly? Sounds intriguing smile

I had two newbies start today, first time I have had a full day in ages and I'm whacked now blush what a lightweight!

Father's Day - we are getting laminate pouches, decorating inside with glitter, shapes etc and then putting through laminator, when cooled cutting out a large fish shape and putting onto a painted blue ( the sea) card.

atworknotworking Mon 15-Jun-09 17:57:28

Hello everyone smile

Got a tummy bug so feelin sorry for myself today sad second sick day in 4 years though so not to bad, even if parents are a bit hmm.

Been trying to get some accounts done - wayyyy behind- blush hopefully will be done by the end of the week then just have to find lots of £.

atworknotworking Mon 15-Jun-09 17:58:24

TOMPD i think i will pinch your fish idea sounds fab grin

hope you feel better soon AWNW, angry at the parents ffs.

...pressed too soon, not had any holiday off this year and am taking a week in August at home and got the hmm faces.

crace Mon 15-Jun-09 20:15:40 but I used baby wipes instead of used dryer sheets.. They came out well, we modified this quite a bit, and didn't use magnets.

oh nice am away to go and dry out some wipes overnight :D

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