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CM's and leasing cars - anyone CM's done it?

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dietstartstomorrow Sun 14-Jun-09 17:35:22

If so are you claim much back on your tax return?

leonifay Sun 14-Jun-09 22:02:20

if you were leasing a car to use for childminding only, you could claim back the whole amount you pay, (providing the list price wasnt above £12,000) providing you were only using the car for childminding.
if you are using the car for household use and childminding you can claim 40p per mile you drive to cover petrol and wear and tear.

my dh is an accoutant and has said that if the car is over £12,000 and only using for cm, he can give you the exact calculation to work out what you can claim.

hth smile

dietstartstomorrow Tue 16-Jun-09 13:43:36

Thank you, that does help.

I really want to get a C8 because I need it for CM'ing but I will also be using it for the family. Although if I was'nt cm'ing I wouldnt need such a big car.

Think I may just save up and get a used one.

dmo Tue 16-Jun-09 14:30:25

i used to hire a mini bus in the school hols to get the children out and about and put the full rent through

think i read somewhere things have changed but not 100%

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