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What would you expect from a nanny for £250 a week?

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lalapol Sat 13-Jun-09 18:41:03

Right, basically, I am au pairing for a family in Switzerland this summer holiday for £100 a week. My responsibilities are more or less to entertain the kids, teach them a bit of English, and do a little bit of tidying up after them.

They have said that I can stay on after September and they will then pay me £250 a week. I obviously know my job description will change and I'll have to do more. Just wondered what people would expect if they were paying a nanny £250 a week?

Thanks very much!

starmucks Sat 13-Jun-09 22:13:49

The only way to find out is to ask them. Everyone is going to have different expectations. That salary level suggests mother's help rather than nanny. As a MH you'd be expected to help with laundry, including ironning, some cleaning and cooking. You'd also be entertaining the kids, taking them to school etc.

lalapol Sun 14-Jun-09 15:02:07

Thanks starmucks Anyone else have any suggestions/ expectations?

cookielove Sun 14-Jun-09 18:54:34

As a nanny you should only expected to be washing the childrens cloths, take the children to activites, be feeding the children their meals and what you have previously been doing £250 is not alot of money for a nanny but if its live in and the meals are provided that is reflected in the salary.

As a nanny you shouldn't be doing house work that isn't anything to do with the children, and you shouldn't be washing everyone's clothes

frAKKINPannikin Mon 15-Jun-09 16:01:34

I'd say that as a nanny your hours are likely to be longer than as an au pair!

It depends how old the children are, what their schooltime routine is, whether it's a full or part time job, sole or shared charge, what the location is...

The only way to know is to ask them but typically as a live in nanny I have:

Started work around 8ish
Done morning routine - breakfast, dressing etc
Done school/nursery run
Activity with non-schoolies in the morning
Sometimes lunchtime pick-up
Cooked lunch
Nap if necessary, other activity if not
Afternoon school run
Arrange playdates with friends
Sort dinner
Supervise homework
Do bath/PJs and have a quiet activity that can be easily interrupted in progress for when parents come in

And somehow fitted in children's laundry & ironing, cleaning rooms and general child-related errands...

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