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Childminders Club: A compliment.......and a dilemma?

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KatieMac Tue 10-May-05 21:11:59

I was interviewed today - they are going to sign with me....very impressed.

When told I charged £3phr they said "Is That ALL?"

So do I put my prices up in Spetember? or do I listen to my current parents who say my prices are very high......

blodwen Tue 10-May-05 22:14:17

Well done KatieMac!
I would be inclined not to put the fees up for this reason only. This new family obviously think you offer excellent value for money. Do you normally put your fees up each year? I always used to put them up 10p per hour each year, but it is very easy to get left behind. For the last couple of years I've increased by 25p per hour, but this seems quite a big jump. However, new childminders in my area are charging £3.50 - £3.75 per hour. I am still on £3.25 with 14 years experience, an NVQ3 and excellent references! But, my parents seem happy, they all pay on time and appreciate me. And of course the more we earn, the more tax we pay!

alison222 Tue 10-May-05 22:38:33

What do the other childminders around you charge?
If you are lower than all the others then perhaps you should look at your fees, otherwise if you are happy and they are......

I'm beign interviewed for a temporary position with a baby tomorrow.
I've heard other people around here say they charge more for babies, and more for temporary.
What do you all think? is it a cheek? I don't want to overprice myself if all goes well.

artyjoe Wed 11-May-05 00:03:25

I think it is relative to where you live, £3 may be fine in Wales for example but £5 is fine in Surrey, just a few miles from me the rates are nearer £7.

No one can say £3 per hour is a high rate...I personally would be worried about pricing yourself so low that people wonder what is wrong with your service...again, depends on where you are. In my area I certainly wouldn't go for the cheapest or best 'value for money', I'd go for whoever can offer the best care for my child up to a price that I could afford.

Blodwen, 25p her hour is not a 'big jump' and at that rate no wonder your parents seem happy, they should be bloody ecstatic with your qualifications! I agree the more we earn the more tax we pay, but hey, we still earn more and therefore are more likely to be dedicated and happy in the job.

Alison, personally I won't charge more for babies, especially as more often than not the parents will provide the feeds and I don't think they are as demanding as toddlers. But I will charge slightly more for temporary and part time mindees.

I also think the trick is to put your prices up every single year, even if it is only by 5p to ensure you have a hope of increasing your salary inline with inflation.

alison222 Wed 11-May-05 18:25:41

I do think its a bit much to charge more for babies, but when they are not quite sitting, can't be left in a room without crying stage some people use that to justify charging more as they say it means they feel they can't have as many children to look after.
I went with the not charging more because it was a baby when asked this morning. Fingers crossed now it turns into work, as it would nicely take me to the school holidays, and then if I have a bit of a gap then I'd be quite happy with that.

KatiMac - what did you decide to do?

KatieMac Thu 12-May-05 18:13:17

I won't be putting my prices up - they haven't been back in touch......and I'm up near the top of prices in my area.

I've been wondering if there is a corrolation between the price of cleaners in an area and the price of Childminders ie here cleaners get £7.50 and C/Mers get about £2.50 (I'm very expensive)
What do you think?

Xena Thu 12-May-05 19:19:58

Thats strange about cleaners and c/m Greater london prices for a cleaner are about 8/8.50ph and childminders 4/4.50ph so there isn't as much diff between the cleaners but the c/m seem to be a big jump.
Although my cleaner was telling me today that she has to pay her c/m £5! Her and her DH work together but it still cuts there earnings quite abit.

alison222 Fri 13-May-05 14:12:45

Hmm, Maybe I should be a cleaner instead.
No as I'm in Greater London, onc I'd paid for childcare I'd be broke. Best stick with the childminding. Anyway I hate cleaning.

crunchie Fri 13-May-05 14:29:19

I have to say my cm is soooo cheap. She is about £250 (ish) and hour and she always used to charge 50% less for a 2nd child Now adaya I think she charges 75% for teh 2nd child, and extra for meals, but she is STILL too cheap IMHO (and I'm the parent )

Xena Fri 13-May-05 16:46:08

wow crunchie that sounds expensive to me

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