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Registered childminder in Rawdon, Yeadon, Guiseley, Hosforth area of Leeds

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Bleach Wed 10-Jun-09 14:31:48

Hi everyone can anyone help me with a childminder in the above area of Leeds? We are registered with a nursery but looking to move house and would like to look at a childminder, if anyone knows anyone or where I could look that would be great thanks!


mistlethrush Wed 10-Jun-09 14:54:57

Someone responded to a plea for a north Leeds based cm on the Leeds local board - you might try looking through those threads as a first go?

charleysmum Wed 10-Jun-09 18:41:16

I am a Registered Childminder in Horsforth. If you contact me off list I'll see if I can help.

Bleach Sat 13-Jun-09 13:21:29

HI Charleysmum for some reason it won't allow me to contact you off list is it possible you can email me at and then I can let you know my requirements? thanks so much


Bleach Sat 13-Jun-09 13:22:16

thanks mistlethrush! will take a look


Viddy Thu 23-Jul-09 19:21:58

Hi - this post may be a little late, however Im a newly registered childminder based in Rawdon, Leeds. You can contact me on 07769 665081, 01132 502253 or


Vicky Kerr
Rawdon Childcare

auntymandy Fri 24-Jul-09 16:49:24

i'm in leeds 16
you can always look at family hub

Viddy Sun 26-Jul-09 20:07:59

My website is now up and running if you want more details:

Vicky Kerr
Rawdon Childcare
Childminder in Rawdon (LS19)

missymoo2411 Thu 30-Jul-09 12:49:15

aunty hello try netmums leeds u should find one on there im on there there is a group or 5 of us but in leeds 10 if not family hub and ask to meet with a child care adviser hope thisd helps ..

jopottie Wed 19-Aug-09 19:51:16

Hi there
I am looking for a childminder for my 4 1/2 month old daughter, 3 or 4 mornings or afternoons a week. I am flexible with times and days as I work for myself but am getting to the stage where I need to spend more time in the office again.
I live in LS16 (just off Tinshill Lane) and work in Yeadon LS19.
If anyone can help please email me

missymoo2411 Thu 20-Aug-09 12:15:51

jo pot try netmums thare is one on there ...

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