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Can someone help me with designing a website: not sure what to call one section. Site is for a CM.

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navyeyelasH Wed 10-Jun-09 08:22:46

Ok so very briefly I'm designing a website for a CM. It will have 5 main headings;
*about us
*how we work
parents zone

I don't know what to call one part of it. The site is basically split into the way the CM works "how we work" this contains fees, opening hours, vacancies, stuff children do with the CM etc and the other section is all about the procedural stuff, like policies, procedures and other more ofsted related stuff. But what should we call it?


navyeyelasH Wed 10-Jun-09 09:12:13


leonifay Wed 10-Jun-09 09:31:47

other stuff
legal jargon
usefull information

?? i cant think of any other ideas, they are al abit crap arent they?

JenniPenni Wed 10-Jun-09 09:43:24

I am a graphic designer and CM and have a website - I have quite a few headings as there is so much to say.

For your purposes of having two defined sections I would have:

About Us
My Setting (for the personal side)
Policies and Procedures (for the official side)
Parent Zone


looneytune Wed 10-Jun-09 10:04:12

Mine is well out of date but if you want section ideas, here is my website. I have updated it a lot since but just not got round to ftping it! lol

nannynick Wed 10-Jun-09 10:21:28

about us
how we work

Is this more than one childminder?

The other section is to do with Ofsted regulations... so you could call if Ofsted Stuff, Ofsted Rules & Regs

Here is an example layout...

about me
- About me and my family
- About my home
- Take a look around (Gallery)
- About my pets

Costs, Hours etc.
- Childminding Fees
- Opening Hours
- Collection from Schools & Pre-Schools
- Childcare availability
- Typical Activities
- Pictures of places we visit (Gallery)
- Typical Food Menu
- What is and isn't included in the fee

Ofsted Rules & Regs
- What is Ofsted?
- Things you will need to read and sign
- My latest Ofsted inspection report
- Any Complaints?

Get in touch
- Ask me questions
- Arrange to visit

navyeyelasH Wed 10-Jun-09 15:17:30

nn yup it's 2 childminders working from the same place.

My setting is a nice change to how we work thanks Jenni Penni, I might use that for when I do my CMing website; but for the one I'm doing at the mo they want How we Work.

The problem with the suggestions, which are all good is just that they are a little long and it looks weird having just 1 long heading when the others are quite short.

What about The Rules - I think it sounds unfriendly and also doesn't really cover what the section is about? hmm

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