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birthdays/christmas presents for children/parents

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Oligo Wed 10-Jun-09 00:44:16

i have always bought presents for birthdays and christmas for children in my care (using my own money). Some lucky parents have also had pressies from me for christmas but come to think of it, never birthdays.

I remember reading once that for children's birthdays nannies 'should' make something and organise outing/party etc. rather than buy present. Just wondered what other nannies do/have done? and cms?

do you do anything for parents at christmas/birthdays?

do they give you anything?

how much do you spend?

JenniPenni Wed 10-Jun-09 07:37:06

I am a CM...

The kids make birthday and Christmas cards and activities for their parents. I give Christmas cards myself too. I also give Christmas pressies to the kids (£10 max each). I do get gifts at Christmas mostly, sometimes a card, sometimes a gift/flowers too. It's never expected though.

I don't give them birthday gifts (it gets too expensive - I have 6 kids I look after at different times!), we will bake some fairycakes, have a special little outing on their bday. No party - that's up to the parents. I also get them leaving pressies and cards etc. when they leave for school.

A close friend is a nanny and she organises bday parties as both parents are always busy. I think this depends on what your arrangement is with the parents.

LittlePaws Wed 10-Jun-09 08:28:01

As above really, I am a childminder and do give Birthday Presents (its tax deductible anyway). We will make cakes etc if little one with on the day.
I also do leaving presents.
And make cards with children for Mothering Sunday, Christmas etc.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 10-Jun-09 10:07:40

i always buy pressies for my charges

i buy cards for mb/db birthday but no pressie

but give bottle of bubbly for both at christmas

always make homemade cards from charges for their bday,valentines,easter,mothers day, fathers day (21st june this year - so soon) and christmas

<blonde gets out glue and glitter for 21st to make card when charges awake>

Oligo Wed 10-Jun-09 13:22:10

no controversy here then! still interested if anyone differs though.

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