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How can I make it all run smoothy?

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MrsMattie Mon 08-Jun-09 21:28:36

So, tomorrow my Nanny starts. She is doing a day with me here (I'll go out in the afternoon and let her get on with it for a bit), then she will do Weds all day...and then she starts properly from next week, three days a week 8am-6.30pm.

What tips can anyone give me to make sure it all goes alright? I feel so nervous about the whole thing, really.

LadyMuck Mon 08-Jun-09 21:38:52

Be very clear on your expectations. That doesn't mean that you have to decide on how the nanny does each and every thing, but you do need to know which things are most important to you, and in which areas the nanny can use her discretion. Don't expect the nanny to do everything that you would. And whilst it is probably too late I would make the nanny's contractual hours to end 15 minutes after you are due home. This gives you time to "hand over", and means that most days you'll be able to let her leave early which should buy you some leeway later.

Try and work out how social your nanny is. Nannying can be a very lonely role, and if you have someone who has previously worked in a nursery it can come as a shock. Ensuring that she has a friend or two locally with charges will be beneficial.

Work out what your nanny's strengths and preferences are and use them. I had one nanny who was into imaginative play, another who took the dcs swimming almost daily. The first of the two was cheaper(!) but the dcs are still fantastic swimmers.

snickersnack Mon 08-Jun-09 21:48:42

Trust her. It's really important not to micromanage. Like LadyMuck said, work out what's not negotiable and try not to stress about the small stuff.

If you're going to be late home, ring!

Agree with fixing up some playdates.

Try and make time once every six months or so for a proper chat - dh and I both come home early and our nanny and I go to the pub for an hour or so.

magicOC Mon 08-Jun-09 21:56:56

It's a good idea to ask her to write a diary of the things they get up to in the day, what meals/how much eaten, did they have a nap/how long for etc. Dont know how old your DC are, but, activities during the day, did they go for walks in the park (toddle or in buggy if apropriate).

This just gives you an idea of what goes on in the day and you will probably be able to judge by your DCs reactions if they are happy or not, altho teething problems at the very begining are not uncommon.

Good luck smile

magicOC Mon 08-Jun-09 22:03:15

Oh and def ring if going to be late like SS says. There is not much a nanny can do about it if you are stuck on a train, but, it is nice to get even a quick text to say "train delayed, be 10 mins late, sorry".

I'm a great believer in having regular chats, say once every couple of months, but, if there is something bothering you then either say there and then or at the end of the wk.

Comunication is very important. Take it from someone who has been doing it over 20 yrs smile

nannynick Mon 08-Jun-09 22:55:45

When I started my new job (not so new now), we used technology to communicate - infact we still do now... my boss reads my tweets, so knows where I am, thus where her children are. Photos are also used a lot, instead of a daily diary. I usually upload a weeks worth of photos at a time to a site where my boss can view them, download them, or get prints done.

On the first day, spend the morning going through how to use appliances, where things are located (including fuse box, elect and gas meters). If your children have a favourite place they like to visit, perhaps take nanny and the children there. Give nanny the addresses of all the places the children tend to visit during a typical week. If school/nursery age, show nanny the procedure for dropping off/collecting and introduce nanny to the school/nursery staff.
If your children have any particular comfort objects, make nanny aware of those.

Show nanny how to fold the buggy - amazing how some models can be so complex, whereas others are very logical. Show nanny how to fit the sling/backpack if applicable.

Personally as a nanny I prefer being thrown in at the deep end, as it were... so in the afternoon just leave them to it.

MrsMattie Tue 09-Jun-09 11:42:16

Oh nannynick, I love you so grin

I have done pretty much everything you said (yay! ten bonus points for me! grin).

Nanny now gone to pick DS up from nursery, then we're having lunch together, then I'm going off to do some shopping locally and letting her take over for a few hours.


nannynick Tue 09-Jun-09 11:51:55

Sounds like it is going well smile

Who's making lunch? May be good opportunity to chat with nanny about what you feel are suitable lunches and getting her views on what she would be making herself and your DS for lunch.

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