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LittleBears Mon 08-Jun-09 16:03:32

My name is Hannah and I am an OFSTED registered childminder living in Hanwell Fields, BANBURY. I live with my 3 yr old son, George and our two cats, Tessa and Barney. We work to the Early Years Foundation Stage and aim to spend as much time as possible outdoors having learning through play.

I have both full and part time vacancies available.
Drop off from 7.00am. Collect before 8.00pm.

I offer:

Home Cooked Meals
Daily Outings
Paediatric First Aid Qualified (2009)
Montessori Diploma
Special Needs Experience
Moving & Handling Trained
Health & Safety Trained
Food Hygiene Trained
Enhanced CRB Checked
School Pick ups and drop offs
School Holiday Cover
Sibling Discount

I offer both hourly and full time rates.

twinklytoes Mon 08-Jun-09 20:31:48

hello hannah

post over here on the local oxford site.

are you only covering HF sch or will you travel? I might be interested wink

LittleBears Tue 09-Jun-09 18:15:28

Hi Twinklytoes

I will certainly travel, I don't currently have any at other schools but I would certainly look into it. If you wanted to call me, I am on 01295 266212 - evenings are best for obviolus reasons!

Sairah Thu 11-Jun-09 07:21:33

Hi Hannah,

I am looking for a childminder for my 8 month old for wed,thurs,fri, starting the beginning of august, would you have the vancancies? also i was just wondering what your hourly rates were?

Kind Regards


LittleBears Mon 15-Jun-09 19:29:20

Hi Sairah

Sorry for the delay in replying - I have been away for the weekend. I do have a baby space at the moment - it is £4 per hour - that includes nappies, creams and outings. I can supply all meals for £3 per day.



girl11 Thu 09-Jul-09 19:53:16

Hannah, I guess that as there is more than a month since you started this thread you will have filled your vacancies but if not I would be interested to talk. If you still! have vacancies and would like to discuss possible minding for my daughter (I also live in Hanwell fields) could you post a reply - if there is no response I will assume you have filled all of your vacancies. thanks!

twinklytoes Thu 09-Jul-09 22:34:12

girl11 - hannah's been advertising in the local press. saw an advert last week, either in the freebies or the guardian or the letterbox thing that comes with the postman. can't remember where but you might find it.

was going to say come over to the local but you are there! can recommend my old cm if you want to leave an addy, not on the estate but only 5mins away and a couple of others locally. know a very good one that comes highly recommended on the other side of town but near the motorway if you want to consider. have you checked out the cis register?

good places to see some cms in action are rugrats on a friday; spiceball bounce session on a monday; st joseph's on edmunds road on a tues and thurs.

girl11 Fri 10-Jul-09 10:04:07

Great thanks Twinklytoes this is very helpful I would be really interested in any childminders who have (preferably written) recommendations of people who have previously used them. Do you have the link to the CIS register? (otherwise I will just try to google it) thanks

ThePrisoner Sun 12-Jul-09 16:52:22

The Family Information Service (has been renamed and is no longer Childrens Information Service) is - not all childminders will be listed, but you can phone and give them your postcode, and can be sent a list of childminders local to you.

<waves to twinklytoes> smile

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