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Childminder needing some advice

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gooner Tue 10-May-05 06:14:10


I have been a registered childmider since Dec 04, & i look after two boys for a supply teacher. When we started the agreement, she was a supply teacher & did not know what days or how many in a week she would be working. She has now got a full-time temporary contract which is great. However she does not think that she wants to do the contract for a full year & would like to go back to the adhoc basis. I would like a week off in June for my ds birthday, that she does not pay for. She is unhappy about this & has made me feel extremely guilty. She says that she cant get anyone else to look after them, & that i should basically take my holiday when she does!!!! This is great but i feel that i am being told what to do when i am my own boss. Although she is a teacher & gets 13 weeks off a year, because she doesnt need me during the holidays she doesnt pay me. Im not happy about taking my toddler away, & paying holiday prices if i dont have to. What do you think?

ssd Tue 10-May-05 07:29:42

Gooner, she's taking liberties. She can't have it all her own way. You have been very flexible and you deserve some consideration back. If I were you (and I'm a childminder too who is learning the hard way!) I'd stick to what I want eg. the week in June and I'd establish exactly where you're going from there. Let her know you are in charge of your own business, you're not there to do her favours. Try to have a chat with other mindrs in your area to get a feel of what's "normal", but failing that keep posring here, there are some excellent childminders on MN that will give you the voice of experience!

Twiglett Tue 10-May-05 08:11:27

think she's taking the mick TBH

do you happen to know any other childminders that could substitute that you could fill in for that might be a nice way to address the issue

but you should consider that

most childminders would not be as flexible as you have been as they lose money
also during the holidays most teachers normally pay a retainer (half fees IME)

I hope you have a NCMA contract with her - get her to read it if you do

gooner Tue 10-May-05 11:08:38

Thank you for your advice, it is such a nightmare, i will talk to another childminder that lives nearby. i am going to find it very hard to be firm!! Thank you. any more advice would be really usefull.

bigdonna Tue 10-May-05 12:54:42

As a childminder yoy are entitled to 4 weeks paid a year but this has to be in your contract.I agreed to 2 weeks paid as i asked for more money a day. I choose 2 weeks and she chooses 2 weeks this seems to work out fine.Hope u can sort it out.

RTKangaMummy Tue 10-May-05 13:02:11

She is deffo taking the mick

I am a childminder and am very flexible with mindee as well

But you have a life too and have given enough notice and have been ery accomadating to her she should be flexible with you too

ssd Tue 10-May-05 19:44:59

Hi Gooner, have you had the chance to talk to her tonight?

gooner Thu 12-May-05 06:00:09

Thank you all for your advice, it seems that she may have realised that she is being unreasonable. She has told me yesterday that she will sort something out for that week and that she was sorry if she was off with me!!!!
At last she has realised that altough i am a childminder, it is my business & i should have the right to choose when i have my holidays. Oh i sound really nasty, i am not like that, but i need to be tough, otherwise i am sure i will be trampled on. Thanks

RTKangaMummy Thu 12-May-05 20:19:55

DEFFO BRILL well done

Diddle Fri 13-May-05 14:00:56

you're right gooner - you are in charge and you should sound like you are. If you want holiday then you should be entitled to it. I'm sure she has no problem telling you what she wants. I find it very annoying when parents treat you like you're their employee, But in fact I have the attitude that they are honoured to have such wonderful cm's to care for their most prized possesions.

alison222 Fri 13-May-05 14:17:39

Just seen this, I'm glad to hear she backed down. As you don't have a permanent contract with her yet it sounds like she doesn't have a leg to stand on. Incidently when I've looked after teachers children I did agree to take my holidays in school hols as I didn't have the child then, but charged a retainer over that period. However I did know in advance exactly what was being asked of me, unlike your situation

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