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1st Inspection after registering.

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Elliea123 Mon 08-Jun-09 14:34:37

Just wandering what people are finding in their first "proper" inspection after reigistering? I had mine today, very nice lady and she seemed happy with most things, however I got a Satisfactory, as she pulled me up on a few things. I'm happy with that for my first inspection and know what I need to work on now, but would like to know what other people are getting first time round?

LittleGigglesChildminding Mon 08-Jun-09 15:02:42

Hey hun,

Haven't had mine yet but will be due it very soon. I am desperately hoping for a "Good" but wouldn't be shocked if I got "Satisfactory".

My friend, who is a fantastic childminder, recently had her first inspection and also got a "satisfactory".

I think its the word "satisfactory" that makes you feel deflated - its not a nice word but it means you are meeting all of the children's needs so that's brilliant!

I really think they should rename the grading to "all requirements met" or something!!!

thebody Mon 08-Jun-09 16:29:59

you have dont bloody well, dont be down, they have to pick on something to justify their jobs dont they..

hchildminder Mon 08-Jun-09 21:20:32

What things were you pulled up on?!

Elliea123 Mon 08-Jun-09 21:31:42

Thanks for your replies, there was only a few things she mentioned: need to have risk assesments for ALL outings, including school run, hadn't linked my ob's to eyfs GOALS( I had linked them to the development stages), my certificate was in my portfolio, and not on the wall, and when the kids asked to go outside and I said it was too wet, she told me at the end that I should've let them go out.
Hope this helps any of you that are due for inspection soon x

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