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CM Club: question about feedback i got from a parent

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Numberfour Sun 07-Jun-09 17:53:44

I usually do feedback forms for parents every now and then, and it has always been great.

I have asked parents to do another now that OFSTED is due to come next week.

One mother said all was fine but gave constructive criticism saying that she would like to me adhere better to medication times (I hold my hands up to this - I was late with mindee's inhaler twice, but the child was not asthmatic at the time but on a regime to help her further - i had done a hospital dash with the child a few weeks ago).

She also said that the child's father reckons she should go on more outings. We are out twice a week and go to farms and soft play etc every now and then

So, do I show the inspector this feed back???

I am really upset about it. Yes yes yes i was late with the inhaler. The little one was not wheezing, not ill etc but yes yes yes i had instructions to administer it at 12 but only did so later.


thebody Sun 07-Jun-09 18:03:48

I take out mindees every day, or they access the garden every day. We use soft play, park, farm and local shops/swings every week and tend to do crafts and free play in between these trips. Its a shame that you seem to have some negative feedback but pehaps you will balance this out with other more positive stuff from the other parents. 'Going on more outings' is a funny one anyway because all childminded children get out far more than ones in a nursery, as long as your littlies have access to outdoor play then that should be fine with the inspector.Think they might be hot on the medication though, just make sure all your paper work is signed and up to date..
Best of luck..

nannynick Sun 07-Jun-09 18:54:50

Everytime you leave your home, you are going on an outing. So make notes about all the places you go on ;outings' and how often those outings occur. I suspect you probably go somewhere everyday.

Outings such as Soft Play, Farms cost money - if you are not charging for those outings as extra's, then I'm not surprised the father wants you to go on more of those - as it will save him taking his child there. Are you charging those outings as extras?

The medication issue:
Re-write your medication policy, so that you can tell the inspector that you have revised your medication procedures, plus show the inspector the medication log.

Numberfour Sun 07-Jun-09 19:46:51

thanks, thebody and nannynick. DH reckons i should just not show the inspector!

like your suggestion re revising medication policy, NN, and i have notes about where we went and what we did.

def show them, the meds one, you could have lied and put 12 but you didn't, that shows honesty and integrity, and also learning.

Inspectors would rather see some negative feedback dealt with rather than reams of yes everything is ok type feedback I am sure.

Mine just say yes it's fine to everything, no matter how I word it which is highly frustrating for me!!

Littlepurpleprincess Mon 08-Jun-09 17:09:45

Yes show them, then show them what you did in response to that feedback.

Say, you take them on more outings, or prehaps you already take them on plenty but didn't give yourself credit for it. As nannyNick said, everytime you leave the house, it's an outing.

Dysgu Mon 08-Jun-09 17:35:19

DD1 goes to a cm - they do playgroups, farm trip, beach etc and stuff but last week, on an unusually quiet day, they went in the car to a different town where they went to the bank, a different park (but one that we regularly go to as is close to my work) and ate lunch (packed lunch provided by me as normal) on the grassy area by the ducks (somewhere we go often).

DD1 has not stopped talking about this outing and is asking if cm will be taking them there again when she goes tomorrow.

This seems to have been one of her favourite trips - totally free and really just cm completing errands. Do give credit for the simple things you do that mindees do enjoy!

thebody Mon 08-Jun-09 18:12:57

Marypoppins is right, you could easily have lied and that should show the inspector that you are clearly trustworthy anyway.

So agree with Dysgu, any trip out is an experience whether to the zoo or the bank..sometimes littlies like it simple..

nannynick, I dont charge for extras,, does any one else, I just keep the reciepts and add to expenses, I would feel a bit money grubbing asking for more.. what do others do?

katieskids Mon 08-Jun-09 19:28:03

Hi by asking for feedback you are showing ofsted that you are self reflecting, which is the 'word' for 2009. So just say to your inspector that you have looked at your medication policy and reviewed it (make sure you put the latest date on it to show it has been reviewed) and give a copy of the policy to the parent thanking them for bringing it to your attention (working in partnership with parents) Just think if you didn't ask for feed back positive/negative you couldn't improve your practice,and therefore improves the child's enjoyment and learning experience. Add a note to the child's paperwork signed and dated to the effect that the parents have received new policies etc and also note any comments made by the parent.
Re: Outings, we do not have bottomless purses and like others have said it's the cheap/free trips that the kids enjoy. Make a list of all you do in the week eg. feed ducks, walk in woods, play in park, throw sticks in the stream, make camps in garden, visit the shop with list to make pizzas etc. No inspector would expect you to visit farms or soft play all the time, the beauty of our job is that we can follow the childrens' interests and are not restrained by 4 walls. Respond to this feedback by chatting to the children about the activities you do and ask for their opinion, this matters more to ofsted. Good luck with inspection grin

stomp Mon 08-Jun-09 20:58:41

You’ve had some very good advice and yes I think by noting the error of being late with medication & revising your medication policy you are showing that you are a reflective practitioner. The outings comment is unfortunate, but I do not think an Ofsted inspector will be concerned as long as you are provide stimulating activities & the children are progressing in the EYFS. I say unfortunate because it is something that the parent feels strongly enough about to comment on but has no baring on the quality of service you provide (it is the quality of the experiences on offer- at home or on outings that is important). Many parents choose a childminder over say a nursery because they know a childminder will take their child out and about – but costly trips are not essential, a walk to the park or to post a letter are just as educational as a trip to say a children’s farm or museum. Please do not feel that you have to provide costly outings or even be out every day.
Perhaps you could respond to this comment with a display of photos showing the learning taking place in an everyday activity and link it to the EYFS. You could then explain to Ofsted why you have this up at this time (reassuring the parents) …..and you might get extra brownie points.wink

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