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Childminders Club - My dilemma!

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lunavix Mon 09-May-05 15:22:28

Just had a mum on the phone about my vacancies! Yippee!
Now my dilemma - it's for TWINS who will be 2 later this year.
Trouble is I have a nearly 13 month old. And I'm rather worried about if I will cope with this. I'm not at all worried about coping at home, I'm sure I'll be fine entertaining them all, but I'm really worried about going out - at that age they can't walk far, and my ds can't walk at all!

This is the perfect job for me really, it will be enough money for me to give up my evening/weekend job so I can concentrate fully on my c/m and it will be all my under 5 vacancies full.... but will I cope?

THe other dilemma is for one day a week, I have ANOTHER one year old for 4 hours! I know I'd need to consult Ofsted but FOUR one year olds????

Am I just being stupid? I could offer her one day different to what she's asking for, therefore it wouldn't clash with my current mindee.
But that still makes it three one year olds!

She's coming to visit Wednesday (oddly enough I already know her - met once!) and I'm not entirely sure she's set on going back to work, I think she's looking at her options. But I hate to turn this down (if she offers me it of course) because mindees are like gold dust around here - this is my third call in nearly 5 months....

badgerhead Mon 09-May-05 18:49:02

Has she said that it would be for full or part time, if part time you could well be able to arrange to fit the hours around your existing mindie.
To be registered for four U5's you need to write in detail to Ofsted stating why you need this variation, the names & ages of children involved, the hours when there would be 4 children & how you would manage four children. As it is four one year olds & they usually only grant this dispensation for siblings of existing mindies you might not get permission.
Good Luck

blodwen Mon 09-May-05 18:55:56

Hi Lunavix,
Is the twins mum looking for full time or part time care? If it's part time, I would take it if offered. I have had 3 one year olds on several occasions over the last few years. I currently have 2 under ones, a one and a two year old (part time). It is hard work, there's no denying the fact, but if you can be super-organised those days, it is very rewarding. You can get out with a double buggy and buggy board if necessary (but encourage walking as much as possible!). Your ds will have plenty of playmates too. Plenty of us childminders manage 3 one year olds and I'm sure you will too. You just need a large G & T at the end of each day! And remember, if you try it and find it too much, you have a settling-in period in the contract you can use, and terminate the arrangement.

RTKangaMummy Mon 09-May-05 19:01:40


If you can juggle the days with present mindee then deffo go for it

DO you have car seats, double buggy etc?

Cots etc?

Would deffo go for it

Write to OFSTED and the parents to get them to sign to agree {don't know if you have to but I did anyway so everyone knew what was happening when I had 2 babies}

Good Luck

RTKangaMummy Mon 09-May-05 19:03:15

And get DS used to reins when he starts to walk and get them on reins

Then it will be like taking 3 or 4 dogs for a walk!!!!!!!!!!

lunavix Mon 09-May-05 19:41:17

Like I said before she's not entirely sure she wants care, but if she does she said she wants monday til wednesday, possibly thursday. 8 - 6.

As I have mindee tues and thurs 9 - 1, I'll say I can offer monday, wednesday and friday for now and I'll contact ofsted and other mindee's parents (who won't object) in the mean time.

It would be fab from all angles, bar leaving the house.

RTKM - yes I suppose so, I have some reins already! I think I may need a sturdier buggy though, my marco sky is a bit wobbly as it is!

RTKangaMummy Mon 09-May-05 19:46:21



It is no different than if you had had triplets

KatieMac Mon 09-May-05 19:47:15

Could you fit them in your car (if you have one)?

If so you could borrow the mum's carseats if you need to go out.

I'm with Blodwen - give it a go and use the trail period - maybe suggest a 6 week settling in rather than 4?

I have twins and am discussing a 2nd set - I like looking after them, it's more work than one child - but not quite as much as 2...

I would try to juggle the days - explain that you could do it but it would be better for the twins if you didn't.....

Lots of luck

KatieMac Mon 09-May-05 19:49:38

I have a 4 seater buggy - it's great (called berlingo I think)....could you look for a second hand one on ebay?

lunavix Mon 09-May-05 19:53:32

RTKM - yes it would be a lot like triplets, except that if you are a mum of triplets, social services pay for you to have someone to help. I'll just have me

Katie - I don't need carseats, can't drive! Which is why buggys are more of an issue with me. She has offered me a travel cot/highchair etc if I don't have enough What I really need is a spare double buggy and set of hands

RTKangaMummy Mon 09-May-05 19:58:50

You can get triple pushchairs too

You can do it if you are organised

lunavix Mon 09-May-05 20:18:18


RTKangaMummy Mon 09-May-05 20:23:08

yes but very expensive

use a wristband and attatch to reins much cheaper and safe too

lunavix Mon 09-May-05 20:23:53

wristband? what sort?

and will that work for 3 kids

RTKangaMummy Mon 09-May-05 20:29:57

velcro one end loop other end

put reins strap through loop

hey presto children attatched to carer and hands free

could have 2 on one side and one on other

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