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Help needed from Childminders please...

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tooearlytobeup Wed 03-Jun-09 22:02:05

My 1 yr old daughter is looked after by an absolutely fantastic childminder. I have been asked to complete a questionnaire to send directly to the inspector as she has an inspection due. I really want to make it clear how highly myself and my family think of her, and ensure she is rated as highly as she deserves. i haven't a clue though what to say as i don't know what they are looking for. Could you give me some idea what I should mention and what they will be looking for? I would really appreciate any help you could give me.

missymoo2411 Wed 03-Jun-09 22:07:04

id just put it like a reference sort off thing ie how she is good with your daughter she goes out off her way to provide this and that what experiences she has given to your dd how she has made a difference to your family life u could put how u feel about all the paper work she has to do just follow your heart id say good luck hope this helps a bit

KatyMac Wed 03-Jun-09 22:08:31

Some of the things parent wrote about me

*Feeling of trust & professionalism

*Time/patience over settling in

*Professional competency & common sense outlook

*Flexibility/adaptability towards our needs

*Great deal of thought, planning and interest underlying each child’s experience

*Reinforcing the trust we have in his well-being, development & education.

I was very touched

Is it Care COmmission or Ofsted?

Imagine the inspector is standing in front of you, asking your opinion - just write it as you would say it and give her a glowing reference smile

tooearlytobeup Wed 03-Jun-09 22:14:49

Thank you all very much for your help. It says its for Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales. Your ideas are really appreciated, she is truly fab and i would hate her to be marked down because i did not say the right thing.

KatyMac Wed 03-Jun-09 22:21:59

She wouldn't be - but she might be marked up because you said something nice (imo)

tooearlytobeup Wed 03-Jun-09 22:24:33

Thank you again, I think I'd better get writing!

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