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double buggy to triple buggy!!

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thebody Wed 03-Jun-09 19:24:33

would love some advice, I saw a lady out today with what looked like a double buggy with another seat seeminly attatched on the side!!
I was in the car so didnt get a chance to talk to her.. has anyone seen these, would really suit me as i have 3 toddlers and one has to be always walking. Takes ages to get anywhere and I would love to walk further but cant..

Any advice.. and how much are second hand triple buggies anyway?

stellabgh Wed 03-Jun-09 19:26:01

google seat2go

KatyMac Wed 03-Jun-09 19:27:21

A lot grin

I am cogitating about buggies atm too - I need a new car & I am considering a zafira so I need a small double - bizarrely I am considering buying 3 single buggies & buggy connectors.....maybe

childminder90210 Wed 03-Jun-09 19:46:53

I have a triple buggy which is extremely awkward to push but it does keep them all safe especially at pick up from school when I am trying to watch 3 doors for schoolies and 3 lil mindees too. Its not too bad folded in the back of my car but lifting it when folded its quite heavy and I am not weak!!!! Doesnt take up much more space than a convential double umbrelle stroller really.

LaurenD Wed 03-Jun-09 20:30:21

google 'buggypod smorph' - have read some awful reviews but also some great ones.
I am in the same boat - have a buggy with board but will need another seat soon - contemplating the buggypod but negative reviews are quite scary!
Good luck

onceinabluemoon Fri 05-Jun-09 21:56:05

I just bought an Obaby triple buggy from kiddicare for less than £170. No idea what its like to push yet though...

KatyMac Fri 05-Jun-09 22:05:40

I looked at that onceinabluemoon - could yu let me know what it's like?

childminder90210 Fri 05-Jun-09 22:18:11

thats the one i ve got its comfy for kids but has the turning circle of a bus and i couldnt even fit through the main entrance at my zoo with it had to go through sideways but for school run is ideal

KatyMac Fri 05-Jun-09 22:43:21

Hmm - that sounds heavy

I have a 4 seater but it pushes like a dream even with 4 toddlers in

I don't know - I wonder if I need a trailer or an extra car just for the buggies

tommypickles Sat 06-Jun-09 08:48:05

Katy.....if I were you I would not get a Zafira.....I hated it when we had ours! Theres very little room when the 6th and 7th seats are up...not only in the boot but also for the unfortunate ones to be sitting on them. We know have a Peugeot 807, brand new, It's absoultly lovely, there's nothing it hasn't got.....and sooooo much room everywhere. Also a fridge.....for the LO's milk etc!!

Ceolas Sat 06-Jun-09 08:52:28

Katy, if you can possibly go bigger than a Zafira I would urge you to. I have one and 4 children with another on the way in August. Despite Vauxhall's claims, I find the seating arrangements remarkably inflexible once you go over 3 children.

I too hate it

envy @ your 807, tommy!

KatyMac Sat 06-Jun-09 10:56:16

Really ?

I have borrowed my mums & it seems fine for 5 walking children, next time I need to borrow it for the under 3's & try their car seats

None of the people carriers have enough boot space either tbh (not for 2 doubles or a double & a triple)

looneytune Sat 06-Jun-09 11:24:26

A childminder friend also found it too small. I think she now has the same as tommy envy and it's fab.

My Sharan fits either my double and single or triple and single but and MAY even fit an umbrella folding double and triple but I've not tried that yet. It depends on the type of prams but if all umbrella folding, it's amazing what you can fit in what looks like a tiny boot (the height helps!)

<goes off and dreams about having a Peugeot 807>

looneytune Sat 06-Jun-09 11:26:36

Am interested to hear about connectors though as some of my mindees are due before school but arrive later and I end up wanting to use a different pram and it would be good to have a double and a single permanently in the car and the option to connect them to make a triple rather than having to drag my triple out or put away in favour of the double etc etc. Sounds good but not sure what they are really like?

KatyMac Sat 06-Jun-09 11:49:29

here looney

You see for the school run we don't need buggies (people at home - DH goes to school)

So we really only need a car for a big day out & if we put the buggies on a bike rack at the back we might be sorted

looneytune Sat 06-Jun-09 13:23:58

Thanks Katy. Don't think that's an option after all due to the gap as would be too wide for school gate (my triple JUST fits through)

mamadiva Sat 06-Jun-09 13:33:55

ABC Everest

Probably be expensive but a lot fo use from it! As can be used single, double or triple!

mamadiva Sat 06-Jun-09 13:41:53

can buy new here but not exactly cheap

Celia2 Sat 06-Jun-09 13:44:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

childminder90210 Sat 06-Jun-09 15:41:09

My triple buggy fits in the back of my Fiat Ulysse which is the same as Pegoeot 807 and Citroen C8 and I just clip a elastic strap round it to hold it in place so it doesnt fall out on my foot!!!

KatyMac Sat 06-Jun-09 15:54:13

Yes...I have a Uylsse & it's falling to pieces (no radio, no opening windows, no heat.AC) & I won't be buying a Fiat again

I don't need to fit in a triple I need to fit in 2 (or occasionally 3) doubles

mumlove Sat 06-Jun-09 16:23:12

1 of the childminders in our local group has just brought a VW transporter. It has a huge boot.

KatyMac Sat 06-Jun-09 20:02:21

VW Transporter is lovely it has a long wheel base but I haven't had it confirmed by VOSA that I can operate a minibus without additional insurances & licenses (as I am not a voluntary/community group)

oooggs Sat 06-Jun-09 20:14:31

I have a C8 (very similar to 807 - we love it)

I went from a double (twins) to a triple (same twins + a newborn) and the triple served a purpose but it was heavy to steer & push.

Just about to get rid of it as dts are now 25 mths and baby is 4.5 mths. It is now more suitable for me to use the double with a buggy board. I wish I could have afforded a newer cheaper model.

mumlove Sat 06-Jun-09 20:38:56

Do they class the vw transporter as a mini bus even though it has only got 8 seats?
I thought you changed to a mini bus if you have 9 seats or more as then your MOT is different!

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