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Advice on childcare in Woodford Green

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AuntyEWA Mon 01-Jun-09 15:51:11

Just looking for some suggestions as a confused first-timer. Our daughter is due in August, and I will be going back to work in February (non-negotiable as I pay the mortgage and that's when full pay ends). My OH is a musician, and spends a certain amount of time working at home, but does work some days, and tours for the odd week here and there. He's there during the day a lot of the time, but it's very irregular. Now we know a fair time in advance when he is and isn't available, but I just can't imagine a childminder being ok with a child who might be with them for a whole week sometimes, and only three mornings another week. Does anyone have this sort of arrangement? Is it even possible (obviously CMs have to make a living, which is a bit tricky with variable hours presumably )

Just not sure what to do, or even what full-time CM rates would be like. If we did go full time, it would most likely be something like eight until six thirty, so pretty darn full-time.

Alternatively, has anyone had any success in training their cats to look after babies hmm

leonifay Mon 01-Jun-09 16:54:57

well, you may have to pay for hours your child isnt at the childminders, depending on the childminder she may only charge you a retainer, she may charge full price. as for the rates of pay if you take a look on here if you look at your area it will tell you how much childminders charge in your area

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