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CM Club: Planning and absences

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KatyMac Sat 30-May-09 15:18:50

If you plan for a child (like a trip to the farm) but they aren't well enough to attend, but you go with the other children - should you include that planning in the child's folder?

KatyMac Sat 30-May-09 16:46:44

& if you do a plan & evaluate it on the same sheet would you link it there or do additional observations?

KatyMac Sat 30-May-09 17:19:46

& if I do include it I think I will link it to

Obs, Assessment & Planning:Starting with the child:Enjoy & Achieve

Health and Well-being:Physical Well-being:Be Healthy

The Learning Environment:Children's Needs:Enjoy & Achieve


atworknotworking Sat 30-May-09 20:03:29

I would put the planning in the mindees folder, but would note that the child didn't attend due to illness or whatever, therefore I could not do any observations.

I would do some work with the materials which were the end result of the planning with the mindee who didn't attend like photo's worksheets etc. Or perhaps take mindee to a local pet shop to see some other animals etc, so doesn't feel do left out.
You could then link the outcomes as per your post.

KatyMac Sat 30-May-09 20:33:57

I only have the poor poppet one day a week - so it could be tricky short-term but her folder is currently one of the best I have done so I'm not too worried iyswim. She doesn't miss out much as she spends the other days at Nursery

I have decided to go with planning & evaluation for short activities on one sheet

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